SAN FRANCISCO, CA and MUNICH, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Oct 6, 2015) - B2X, the leading provider of customer care for smartphones, today launched SMARTAPP, a self-help mobile application that enables smartphone manufacturers, Carriers and insurance providers to offer customer support to smartphones remotely and securely. SMARTAPP is delivered as an on-device app and provides instant help to customers anytime, anywhere and on any Android device as a B2X branded or white-labeled solution.

The application enables manufacturers, carriers, insurance providers and sellers of electronic devices to deliver an innovative, cost effective and easy-to-use self-service experience to customers. This will prevent unnecessary returns in the service channel and increase customer satisfaction. SMARTAPP also enhances customer engagement through personalized notifications and advice to optimize the usability of the smartphone.

SMARTAPP is currently available for Android mobile platforms. Key features of the application include:

  • Remote Care: Users can connect to a customer support agent or friends to ask questions and receive instant support. For problems that can't be solved remotely, the application can direct customers to the closest service center.
  • Data Transfer & Backup: For users setting up a new device, the app can easily pair or transfer data from an old device to a new one. Users can also secure personal information through the app with data backups to a memory card or the cloud.
  • Security: Malware scanning and fraudulent app protection are built into the app to ensure the device is secure.
  • Diagnostic Check: SMARTAPP can check a device for defects and identify problems in real time before a device is sent in for repair. End customers receive optimization proposals to improve the device performance. Diagnostic information is also shared with the manufacturer to improve overall device performance. 
  • Theft Protection: Users can track a stolen device on their computer by activating silent functions remotely

"The SMARTAPP helps our clients be more effective and nimble in addressing customer concerns because, unlike a store, the app is always on," said Dieter Weisshaar, Chief Commercial Officer at B2X. "With its help, we'll be able to improve customer satisfaction and minimize costs for clients by resolving issues for customers on the spot and reducing the number of devices sent for repairs."

The SMARTAPP aligns with customers' increasing desire for fast, on-demand customer care. Research shows that mobile customers prefer the ability to resolve and fix performance problems on their own, without having to visit a store or call a support hotline. In a recent survey, B2X found that more than 80 percent of customers prefer to set up their new mobile device on their own.

"Self-help solutions offer numerous benefits to device manufacturers and their customers. For OEMs, this means lowering aftersales costs, which especially focus on preventing repairs of non-faulty devices. Manufacturers and Carriers can provide support 'on the walk' across the globe," says Max Grabmayr, Director of Product for B2X. "For customers, it's a fast, seamless experience that empowers them to do everything, including software fixes, while remaining mobile.

The application is enhanced by a powerful back end infrastructure and can be customized and integrated into existing online solutions. SMARTAPP provides manufacturers and insurance providers with data to improve R&D, the ability to identify device errors in real time, and enables in-store and call center agents to better troubleshoot problems by accessing actual device diagnostic data.

Customers planning to integrate the SMARTAPP into their customer support offering are global insurance providers and manufacturers of smartphones which is a key differentiator as the customer has immediate access to the global B2X network to receive service. The SMARTAPP is fully available to B2X customers as of the 1st of October 2015 in all of their global markets.

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