BLAINE, WA--(Marketwired - Oct 8, 2015) -  Hollund Industrial Marine, Inc. (OTC PINK: HIMR), an Underwater Forest Management Company, announced today that the Company has made additional adjustments greatly benefiting its Board of Directors and executive staff, taking advantage of recent capital infusions and operational opportunities.

Sheldon Romain, currently serving as the Company's Vice President, has been elected to assume the role Hollund's new President.

"The greater part of this Company's achievements is owed to the tenacity and diligence of Mr. Romain," said Mr. Lonnie Hayward, Chairman and CEO of Hollund Industrial Marine. "From refocusing operations, to leveraging new opportunities, to securing the Company's first concession along with maintaining the viability of that Panamanian partnership during some very trying times, it is all attributable to the character and professional commitment of Sheldon Romain. This executive shift is long overdue."

In this move, Hollund's new President, Mr. Romain will step down from the Board of Directors. Management indicated that compliance and regulatory controls, plus the bureaucracy of board obligations, proved to be a hindrance on Romain's concentration. Sheldon Romain is a proven commodity in the highly specialized area of underwater forest resource project management, "And we want him to do what he does best," said Mr. Hayward. 

With new revenue opportunities available to the Company, as well the pressing need to execute the overall business plan, Hollund's new President must be able to remain keenly focused on operations. 

Further, the Company has begun sourcing highly qualified persons that can bring both credibility and seasoned professional experience to the board. As indicated by Mr. Hayward, new board members must have the ability to leverage their contacts for capital access and business development opportunities.

Mr. Hayward concluded, "As the outgoing President stated when stepping down, 'these changes are just the beginning of what we believe will be an unprecedented turn around by the Company.' I 100% agree and assure shareholders that a 'turn around' is fast approaching."

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Headquartered in Blaine, WA, Hollund Industrial Marine Inc. (OTC PINK: HIMR) seeks to align the interests of businesses, communities, utilities and governments by offering an integrated business model for underwater forest management. Hollund's model -- including resource and needs assessment, permitting, environmental and project planning, logging, milling, product branding and sales adds value for our shareholders.

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