SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 8, 2015) - Fragmob, Direct Selling's mobile technology innovator, today announced its partnership with PayQuicker LLC, a leading provider of innovative global payment solutions.

PayQuicker offers a range of services including FDIC insured Payment Accounts, custom branded Visa prepaid debit cards, online and mobile applications, and more. This innovative platform allows companies to make payments to distributors, consultants, affiliates, vendors, contractors and others across the globe.

"We are looking forward to working with Fragmob to integrate our technologies," said Lee Thomas, Senior Vice President of Business Development for PayQuicker. "When companies choose PayQuicker they expect rapid, low-cost implementations and frictionless global commission payment services to improve the way they reward their people -- they also expect it to work right out of the box. Integrating our extensible API infrastructure with Fragmob's platform is a natural fit and will provide our customers with a seamless and purely positive mobile experience."

As a leading mobile platform provider, Fragmob, along with PayQuicker, will be able to offer their joint customers a better mobile user experience. By embedding PayQuicker's payment services platform into its direct selling business app, the two companies will be able to offer customers a more seamless experience. This partnership will allow customers who use Fragmob and PayQuicker as separate solutions to have the chance to merge them into a single sign-in process.

"With our digital wallet features, users can track payment and balances in multiple currencies and languages, and easily view all transactions and account balances at a glance. Multiple clients are already utilizing the Fragmob and PayQuicker services, so we are very pleased to make this partnership official. We are honored and excited for this integration, and looking forward to seeing where this takes us in the future," said Jonathan Shapiro, President & CFO at Fragmob.

About Fragmob
A global mobile software provider, Fragmob instigates action through technology that enables Direct Selling companies to realize the benefits of a powerful mobile solution. Servicing hundreds of thousands users in more than 30 countries, the Fragmob mobile platform drives Direct Selling distributors towards the most focused, effective actions for their business in real-time and delivers actionable metrics so clients and users can achieve higher sales in less time. Visit Fragmob at and on Twitter at @Fragmob.

About PayQuicker

Whether you define your team as 1099 contractors, distributors, affiliates or on-demand workers; paying the people who drive your business has never been safer, faster or easier with PayQuicker's no-cost Instant Payments™. At PayQuicker, we minimize your expense, liability and the problems associated with direct deposits, wires, paper checks and many online solutions. Our secure, compliant, FDIC insured platform provides customized solutions with automated payment processing to over 170 countries. Recipients of our no-cost Instant Payments™ are provided with a user-friendly interface, mobile apps and multilingual web tools. Flexible spending options include cobranded prepaid debit cards, local bank deposits, paper checks and product spendback options, all supported by our in-house, US-based customer service team. As a customer centric organization, PayQuicker has perfected its onboarding and customer-switching practices through a seamless process that delivers the full value of our products and services to your company and payees alike. Simply put, when you succeed, we succeed. Our mission is to create the ideal payment solution for each company we are honored to serve. For more information, visit or contact us at 844.258.3006 or 585.713.1067 or

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