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Corvil Democratizes the Full Power of Network Data Analytics

New Release Makes It Easy and Automatic for Network, Application, and Security Operations Teams to Use Network Data to Safeguard the Delivery of Critical Business

DUBLIN, IRELAND--(Marketwired - Oct 8, 2015) - Corvil today announced its Tera Release, the latest version of the world's most comprehensive network data analytics platform. The new platform democratizes the power of network data, with an all-new, intuitive and customizable user interface and a new data automation engine that dramatically reduces the time, expense, and complexity of working with network data. In addition, the Tera Release adds a new portfolio of real-time security analytics, thus giving Network Operations, Application Operations and Security Operations teams an accurate and collaborative real-time picture of critical service chains across their business.

"We believe that the most effective way for IT to assure and safeguard the delivery of critical applications, services, and data to the business is for all IT teams involved to have a common, trusted, granular source of shared data," said Donal Byrne, CEO, Corvil. "Network data is widely regarded as the most granular and powerful source of real-time data that can be used for this purpose. The challenge is to make network data analytics super-easy, cost-effective and widely available to all. We believe that our new Tera Release achieves this objective with our customers reporting up to 90 percent reduction in time for IT Ops to see, analyze and act on critical business application flows at a cost that is less than what the network team traditionally spends on legacy network probes."

Key innovations in the Corvil Tera Release include:

MULTI TEAM USER INTERFACE - The Tera Release re-imagines the Corvil user experience by providing a new HTML5-based user interface with polished, intuitive, and customizable dashboards that have been optimized to perform workflows for network, application, and security operations professionals jointly responsible for delivery of critical business.

SELF POPULATING DASHBOARDS - The Tera data engine automatically discovers application and business data flows within raw network data with zero configuration. The data in these flows is decoded, transformed, and self-populated into tables and graphical widgets, giving the full picture for what is happening across a business in real-time.

REAL-TIME SECURITY OPERATIONS INTEGRATION - Network data has traditionally been used for network forensics by the security operations team. New thinking in this area suggests that security operations should be leveraging the valuable information contained in network performance monitoring and diagnostic tools. Gartner recently commented: "Network performance monitoring tool data provided by IT operations to security operations for analysis of network forensic information can play a key role in solving security incidents."1 The new Tera release delivers on this new thinking and goes further by seamlessly integrating live threat intelligence and real-time network forensics with leading SIEM platforms. For example, the Tera release consumes threat intelligence from iSIGHT Partners, and identifies related suspicious activity from streaming analysis of network data. It then forwards these security events into a SIEM platform, like Splunk, using Corvil Streams. The event stream contains associated metadata relating to the threat intel, in addition to a link that allows click-back to Corvil for further retrospective analysis of the security incident.

PROGRAMMABLE STREAM AND/OR STORE NETWORK DATA LAKE - Unlike other platforms in the industry that either capture and store network data before analysis or analyze network data on the fly and then discard the decoded data, the Tera Release is fully user programmable so that customers can decide for themselves how much data to keep, and for how long. The streaming data analytics architecture used by Corvil analyzes all network data on the fly and then programmatically stores both raw network data and enriched network data. The resulting time-synchronized, distributed data store is automatically maintained and managed by the Corvil engines, allowing the user complete flexibility in the creation and management of their network data lake. In addition, the Tera Release now supports a broader array of connectors for streaming Corvil data to big data platforms e.g. Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub.

The Corvil platform is widely regarded as the leading analytics platform for safeguarding the delivery of high performance business critical applications and services over the network, recently receiving the highest product scores for IT Operations use cases in the 2015 Gartner Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) Critical Capabilities Report2.

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1Gartner, Network Performance Monitoring Tools Can Play a Critical Role in Responding to Security Breaches, Sanjit Ganguli and Lawrence Orans, 28 August 2015

2Corvil, Gartner Report on Critical Capabilities for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics, March 2015

About Corvil
Corvil is the network data analytics company to run your business in the Now™. The Corvil platform transforms network data into streaming IT operational intelligence to see, understand and act on your business as it's happening, in real time. Corvil provides the full picture of customers, business and IT infrastructure all interacting together. It does this by making sense of the raw packet data streaming through the network, enriching it with analytics and making it accessible, searchable and consumable. Corvil is built to handle the low-latency, high-performance and big data analytics requirements for the world's most demanding real-time businesses. It is used to monitor over 50 petabytes of data and over $170 billion worth of transactions per day, and is trusted to provide real-time analytics that powers decision and action in the Now.