LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Oct 8, 2015) - (AWS re:Invent 2015) -- MachineShop, the only API-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform company, today announced significant enhancements to its EDGE intelligence offering. During AWS's annual re:Invent conference, MachineShop is showcasing its unique ability to ingest, manage and act upon IoT data anywhere from the Edge to the Cloud and in hybrid architectures.

The Internet of Things is a core 2015 strategy for enterprises, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and systems integrators. AWS announced a panoply of new cloud offerings enabling the collection of sophisticated data and business intelligence from IoT devices and supporting networks. As an AWS partner, MachineShop's API-based services framework has been deployed in some of the most successful IoT projects to-date.

"IoT is not just about building a pipe between things and the cloud. To monetize mission-critical solutions, enterprises need to access and act upon the right data at the right time for the right people," says Michael Campbell, MachineShop's CEO. "Our EDGE computing capabilities were created in response to customers and partners who needed to ingest and process at the edge where the data that was most meaningful to them."

MachineShop will also be demonstrating its full portfolio of IoT APIs and Edge device capabilities at AWS re:Invent 2015. Stop by booth #248 to get a full overview of the following edge enhancements and discuss solutions relevant to your organization:

  • Flexible Device Configuration: Using the EDGE configuration API's or web portal, customers can remotely configure, send and receive information from various devices, from multiple manufacturers, that are connected to the cloud via the Intelligent Gateway.

  • Cellular Connectivity Out Of The Box: EDGE has been enhanced to support the automatic configuration of various cellular modem modules directly from our web configuration interface. Using the configuration portal, an enterprise can reprogram the modem characteristics and monitor connectivity automatically using a variety of new API's developed by MachineShop.

  • Remote Device Monitoring: Continued enhancements to MachineShop's device monitoring dashboard enables customers to plot and display various data elements being reported by IoT devices such as temperature sensors, contact closures, analog interfaces and more. Now, all information from the IoT devices can be remotely configured from the portal application or using MachineShop API's.

  • Configurable Reporting Template: All MachineShop Intelligent Gateways now support a simplified method to configure command and control from IoT devices connected to the gateway. With the new standardized template, any device that reports condition or accepts commands using a delimited string, can be easily configured to operate with an Intelligent Gateway. Configuration of the template is accomplished by a simple RESTful API call to the Gateway.

To learn more about MachineShop's solutions for IoT deployments, including EDGE to CLOUD continuum for AWS clients, visit the MachineShop website or sign up for their next webinar.

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