Source: Globecomm Systems

Globecomm and MariConnect Deliver M2M and VSAT Solutions to Global Fishing Fleets

HAUPPAUGE, NY--(Marketwired - Oct 12, 2015) - Globecomm and MariConnect announced today that their long-term partnership has just achieved a benchmark in delivering a hybrid M2M and VSAT solution to over 50 shipping vessels.

The solution serves customers inclusive of major fishing fleets like Katla Seafood and Samherji of Iceland, Germany's Deutsche Fischfang Union and Royal Greenland Pelagic. Onboard services delivered include internet, email, VOIP and video news and entertainment. Ships are provided with a secure and customized M2M portal which allows vessel operators to track production efficiencies such as the weight of fish versus fuel consumed.

"New and increased exploration of the Norwegian, Greenland and Barents Seas is driving demand for reliable VSAT services," said Höskuldur Darri Ellertsson of MariConnect. "The reach and flexibility of Globecomm's VSAT network is enabling us to extend all of our services into this important region."

Malcom McMaster, Vice President of Globecomm's Transport Vertical, said, "For over five years, Globecomm and MariConnect have expanded our partnership and customer base to take full advantage of Globecomm's global VSAT network and M2M analytics."

About MariConnect
Headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland, MariConnect offers flexible network communications solutions for the maritime industry and isolated locations. Its product family includes MariConnect VSAT, MariCall, MariConnect UTM and MediaService, as well as MariMonitor, which gathers vessel statistics and displays them visually on board as well as onshore in real-time.

About Globecomm Maritime
Globecomm Maritime provides ships, offshore platforms at sea and in port with a wide range of advanced, reliable and cost-effective maritime communications options ranging from voice and email connections up to full integration into broadband enterprise networks. With a global managed communications platform and engineering capabilities, Globecomm provides services ranging from L-band to VSAT services on C, Ku and Ka-Band with a worldwide coverage.