TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Oct. 13, 2015) - A new study by Casper Labs, the dedicated research and innovation division of sleep startup Casper, reveals that Canadian workers would relish the opportunity to take more naps. According to the survey, Canadians are not only in favour of occasional naps at work, but surprisingly, many are willing to give up conventional perks for the chance.

Key findings of the survey:

  • 75% currently nap at least once a month
  • 68% would nap more often if a dedicated sleep area were available at work
  • 59% would give up free coffee at work for naps
  • 8% would give up a portion of their bonus for naps
  • 15% would give up a small amount of their paid time off for naps
  • 28% would trade casual Fridays for naps
  • 29% would give up the office water cooler for naps

Although some may view work naps as counterproductive, numerous studies have shown that a short nap can significantly improve mood, alertness, creativity, and energy levels. Even workers who get the recommended eight hours of sleep can benefit.

"At Casper, office naps are part of our culture," says Philip Krim, Casper co-founder and CEO. "Personal wellness has become a mainstream cultural phenomenon over the past two decades, but only recently has there been a similar cultural shift with sleep. It's encouraging to see Canadians at the forefront of that trend."

A CEO's Top Tips for Sleeping on the Job:

Not every business encourages workplace naps, but for companies considering the idea, Casper co-founder and CEO Philip Krim offers these suggestions for streamlining slumber:

Make it short and sweet. Studies show that short naps are most effective for improving alertness, but sleeping for longer than 30 minutes actually increases grogginess when you wake up.

Take the stairs. Exercise is the best way to tire your body out, but when you don't have time for the gym, every extra step counts.

Stay cool. A cold room is a sleepy room. Aim for a temperature between 15.6° and 19.4° C for the deepest dreams.

Use your imagination. If you have trouble winding down your brain, try thinking in images. It's almost impossible to clear your mind completely, but switching from sentences to shapes can help you doze off sooner.

Keep it horizontal. Napping at a desk or workstation can be painful. Research shows that a fully reclined sleep position is best.

Power down. While it's not always possible to have a separate space for napping, it is important that sleep areas be reasonably quiet, dark, and free of technology like phones, tablets, and TVs.

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