NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - October 13, 2015) - SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB: SMME) -- SmartMetric, the creator of the world's first biometric activated EMV chip in a credit/debit card, is now working on delivering a miniature chip card connector for reading its biometric chip card for online computer and or mobile phone buying.

"We know from overseas experience that as the new EMV chip cards are introduced into a market a huge increase in online fraud takes place. By bringing the security of the SmartMetric biometric EMV chip card to the world of online shopping we will provide a safer shopping process for the public and online merchants alike," said SmartMetric's President and CEO, Chaya Hendrick, today.

The SmartMetric biometric payments card is the world's first credit / debit card that has a miniature fingerprint scanner built inside the card that is used to activate the card's EMV chip. The company uses the same banking industry EMV chip that is now being used around the world. There are more than 3.4 billion chip cards issued globally with an estimated additional 1 billion EMV cards added to this global figure from the United States, adoption of the EMV chip technology for its credit and debit cards.

Replacing the reliance on inferior security such as PINs (Personal Identification Number) or signatures, SmartMetric has created a credit/debit card that uses one's own fingerprint to turn on the payment card's EMV chip prior to the card being able to be used for a transaction. The SmartMetric Biometric Payments Card is totally interoperable with existing chip card (EMV) readers and ATMs, therefore it is able to benefit from the existing global chip card banking and retail infrastructure.

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