NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Oct 15, 2015) -  Mei Jia Home Décor, a home goods and lifestyle company specializing in fragrances and decorative accessories, today announced the availability of Chando, a luxury line of ambiance accessories, in North America. Appealing to both visual and olfactory sensations, Chando designer porcelain fragrance diffusers transform personal and public spaces into beautiful, fragrance rich environments that fuse today's modern lifestyle with the timeless exotic details of the Far East. "The art and techniques of sculpting porcelain have been in my family for decades," explains Vicki Chen, Chando's Aroma Porcelain® designer and founder. "It's been my personal goal to not only preserve this tradition but also to bring it to the masses, by creating beautiful works of art that combine visual aesthetics with unique aromas, perfect for any space, public or private. Chando ambiance accessories perfectly embody Oriental home fragrance philosophy, and I'm deeply moved to have the ability to share a piece of my home with the world." The unique patented Aroma Porcelain®, developed by Chen, combined with designer details differentiates Chando from standard fragrance diffusers.

Chando produces four distinct product lines, two of which are available today in North America through Mei Jia: Chando Designer Aroma Porcelain and Chando Aroma Porcelain. Each product line features unique design and fragrance collections ranging from intimate and romantic, to youthful and energetic, to rustic and nature-inspired. Collections include:

  • The China Revival Collection: Bringing the beautiful, historic Chinese culture and art to a modern day setting, the China Revival Collection features delicately designed oil holders and soft fragrances to give your home a sense of tradition and strength. Featured fragrance oils include: Shanghai Magnolia and Oriental Peony.

  • The Elegance Collection: Representing a confident and independent lifestyle, the Elegance Collection awakens the mind's deepest dreams, allowing one to relish in the epic and unforgettable moments life has to offer. Choose from a beautiful white lotus or camellia porcelain flower to emit your favorite Chando aroma. Featured fragrance oils include: White Dandelion, Rose Garden, Midnight Crystal, Caribbean Sea, Fresh Gardenia, Lime Citrus and Sensual Camellia.

  • The Fantasy Collection: The Fantasy Collection consists of four enchanting fragrances in an ornate oil holder. The perfect addition to your own "fantasy garden," this collection has a fairy-tale touch that makes your home a magical getaway from the rest of the world when you need it the most. Featured fragrance oils include: Wild Orchid, Sensual Camellia, Botanical Garden and Apple Blossom.

  • The Myst Collection: The most inviting of the Chando collections, the Myst Collection features intimate, delicate fragrances blossoming from velvety soft glass bottles. Perfect for a new space, a new office or a new challenge, this collection embraces your vulnerable moments and reminds you how beautiful it is to grow. Featured fragrance oils include: Sunkissed Marigold, Midnight Lotus, Wild Orchid, Peony Garden, Fresh Lily and Rose Garden.

  • The Treasure Collection: Simple, colorful and refreshing, the Treasure Collection gives you a chance to revel in your most lighthearted memories for the treasure of sublime relaxation in your home. Featured fragrance oils include: Rose Garden, Passion Chrysanthemum and Botanical Garden.

  • The Urban Collection: Perfect for the city dweller looking to take a deep breath after a busy day, the Urban Collection gives you just enough nature to ground yourself in a fast-paced environment. With a simple, mature fragrance, this collection offers a moment of balance when the city refuses to take a break. Also available as a reed diffuser. Featured fragrance oils include: Mediterranean Blues, Spring Bud, Tobacco Woods, Sandalwood Musk, Blue Breeze and Golden Amber.

  • The Youth Collection: Embrace your inner child with the Youth Collection. With a lively porcelain oil container that houses the energy of youth, this collection of scents and diffusers will bring you back to your joyful, carefree self the moment you step through your door. Featured fragrance oils include: Warm Tulips, White Gardenia, Spring Blossom and Midnight Crystal.

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About Chando: The Artisan of Ambiance Fragrance
Chando is a line of ambiance accessories, featuring patented Aroma Porcelain® technology. Available in a variety of styles and fragrances, Chando's porcelain diffusers have been hand-crafted to beautifully and efficiently emit Chando fragrance oils. Aroma Porcelain® is a perfect blend of modern technology and traditional design. After 42 manual production processes, it boasts the perfect texture and appearance to absorb and diffuse fragrance efficiently. All Chando products are original designs and combine the traditions of Asian culture with contemporary styles. Through each Chando creation, we are dedicated to transforming the ordinary into an extraordinary, trendy, graceful and relaxing experience. That is the principle of Chando, where the Aromatic Miracle Begins.

About Mei Jia Home Décor
Mei Jia Home Décor is a home goods and lifestyle company dedicated to bringing the very best in fragrances and decorative goods to homes worldwide. With the ultimate mission of making one's home beautiful, Mei Jia brands include: Chando porcelain diffusers and fragrance oils; Aromasong fragrance oils, bath salts and edible salts; and Zaltz bath formulas.

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