SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 19, 2015) - Parklet, an employee onboarding and experience solution, today announced the launch of the Parklet New Hire Experience, the latest release of its employee onboarding software, which enables employers to provide a highly personalized, consistent and branded experience from offer acceptance through the entire employee lifecycle.

"When done correctly, the onboarding process can immediately engage new hires and provide the guidance and support they need to be successful right from the start; it can also serve as significant differentiator that elevates their employer brand and helps to attract top talent," said Dane Hurtubise, CEO of Parklet. "With the launch of the Parklet New Hire Experience, we make it easier for employers to facilitate the onboarding experience through a robust, cloud-based software solution. As a result, they can put the focus on the people they are welcoming into their organization, and ensure they have the confidence and support to be productive employees in their new companies."

A positive new hire experience is necessary to build a team of satisfied, productive employees eager to develop and work at their best, and that starts with onboarding. However, onboarding continues to be a challenge for many companies, which often keep this process siloed within their HR departments and dependent on manual processes. Such strategies result in mismanaged, opaque processes and sub-par new hire experiences that can result in disengagement, poor productivity and increased turnover.

Since its founding in 2012, Parklet has sought to revolutionize the crucial onboarding process, delivering the cloud-based software solutions that transform how companies welcome their new hires into the organization and set them up for a long and successful tenure. With the introduction of the Parklet New Hire Experience, the company enables employers to provide a stellar onboarding journey that facilitates the transition from new employee to a valuable member of the team. Through this solution, employers benefit from robust software that gets new hires excited and confident about their decision to join the company, encourages engagement with their new peers and collects all required paperwork prior to the first day, enabling new hires to hit the ground running and be successful from the start.

The Parklet New Hire Experience also enables new employees to take the onboarding experience into their own hands. Through a self-guided introduction, fully branded to the company's standards and personalized for each individual, new hires can get better acquainted with the company; learn its culture, history and values; and understand how they fit in. By starting the engagement experience at the offer, in the pre-boarding stage, employers will feel immediately assimilated into the company. The solution also humanizes the process, introducing new hires to an onboarding coach as well as their managers, teams and colleagues, and allowing them to connect with their new peers before their first day.

Parklet will be exhibiting the Parklet New Hire Experience during the 18th Annual HR Technology Conference and Exposition, taking place at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas October 18 - 21, 2015. Conference attendees who wish to learn more about Parklet are encouraged to visit the company at booth no. 617.

About Parklet
Parklet is an employee onboarding and experience cloud-based software solution designed to delight employees by providing a branded, highly personalized and consistent onboarding and employee experience. Companies are empowered to attract, hire, and keep top talent by setting up employees to succeed, grow, and contribute to the organization from the start. This minimizes costly early attrition, creates company advocates, and attracts more top talent by building the perception that the organization is a great place to work. Parklet is designed to support rapid growth, remote locations, and access from any device. For more information about Parklet or to request a demo, please visit or contact us at