PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 20, 2015) -  VersaMe, the company building tools to improve child development, today announced the release of its flagship product, the Starling, the world's first education wearable for newborns to children up to the age of five. Available today via pre-order, the Starling tracks words spoken to a child during the most formative stages of development to drastically increase verbal engagement.

Recent research shows that the number of words children are exposed to before the age of four is the greatest predictor of their future vocabulary, IQ and emotional well-being. Yet, parents who invest the time talking with their kids do not see an immediate impact and often forget that even though children can't talk themselves, they are always listening and absorbing language. The Starling will encourage parents to talk more with their kids thanks to smart algorithms that track daily word count and ensure they never miss a chance to enrich their child's knowledge.

"Parents, like myself, can profoundly affect a child's future through the simple act of talking to them," said Chris Boggiano, co-founder of VersaMe. "The Starling will monitor, encourage and track a child's language development that will ultimately impact the child's lifetime. When a child enters school ahead, it's likely they will stay ahead."

Parents, grandparents, caregivers and family friends can use the intuitive, child-safe Starling to engage in a meaningful way with the children in their life while helping improve their intelligence before they ever get to the classroom. The Starling offers the following:

  • Patent-pending technology that captures and counts child-directed words in different languages
  • The companion VersaMe app that pairs with the Starling to set word count goals, monitor progress and achieve a higher level of verbal engagement; available on iOS now and Android in Spring 2016, the app also includes activity ideas and challenges
  • Durable star-shaped device made from medical grade plastic that is safe for newborns and causes no irritation to sensitive skin
  • A rechargeable battery that lasts five to seven days with daily word counting; the Starling captures words up to 15 feet away with up to 80 decibels of background noise
  • Ability to work unconnected from the internet (it can count words locally on the device) or connect to a companion app via its charging dock or Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Multiple device sync so caregivers and family members can view the data on their smartphone via the cloud
  • Three different attachment options: a clip and magnet for a child's clothing and a stroller clip - all accommodate preferences and remain versatile through the various stages of a child's life

Started by parents and driven by research, VersaMe was founded by brothers Chris and Jon Boggiano and Nicki Boyd. All three, recent Stanford Business School graduates, together realized that pairing the latest research with wearable technology can positively change parents' behavior and ultimately children's intelligence. VersaMe is focused on improving education for every child, regardless of their background, and changing the notion that education only happens once a child enters kindergarten. In order to help close the word gap for all children, VersaMe has partnered with local non-profit Literacy Lab to provide Starlings to parents who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford them, so they too can set a strong educational foundation for their child's future. The company is backed by Stanford's StartX Fund and the family offices of Vincent Viola, Doug Cifu and Richard Dai.

The Starling will be available for pre-order on Indiegogo for the inaugural price of $129 and will ship in April 2016. To support VersaMe, donate on the pre-order page: To learn more about the Starling, visit:

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Started by parents and driven by research, VersaMe has created the world's first education wearable for kids. The company is building tools to improve child development during their most formative years, including the flagship product, the Starling. The companion app shows data in real time, provides tips on how to increase word count when needed and demonstrates the direct and immediate impact words have on a child's development. Whether you're a parent, a grandparent, a caregiver or a family friend, the Starling lets everyone play a role in building the educational foundation for future generations. To learn more and to start using your words with your kids, visit

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