SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 20, 2015) - Runscope, the leader in cloud-based API monitoring and testing, today announced the general availability of Live Traffic Alerts, a real-time API production traffic monitoring solution. The SaaS feature logs live API traffic and notifies developers when key API transaction failures and exceptions are detected in near real-time, enabling them to solve problems tied to negative customer engagement and lost revenue.

Retailers, mobile app developers, media providers, data brokers, and infrastructure providers rely on APIs to meet the demands of their customers across a plethora of platforms. Poorly performing APIs have a significant negative impact on revenue, engagement and other success metrics, but transactional API calls have historically been very difficult to monitor for exceptional occurrences. Runscope's unique combination of uptime monitoring and functional testing, and real-traffic monitoring with Live Traffic Alerts gives development teams a complete performance picture into these mission-critical APIs throughout the entire API lifecycle.

"Modern application infrastructure is evolving quickly, combining many different internal and external APIs and microservices. Understanding the performance characteristics of these services is crucial to delivering a quality user experience," said John Sheehan, Co-founder and CEO of Runscope. "With Live Traffic Alerts, developers can detect specific API call failures that can only be observed in production, reducing the time to resolution and minimizing lost revenue from breakages."

Live Traffic Alerts leverages Runscope's high-performance, low-latency global traffic gateways and on-premises agents to empower app developers, DevOps teams, and API stakeholders to define the metrics that matter to their business and be the first to know when real API calls break for both public and private APIs, without writing a single line of code.

By monitoring exceptional API calls that occur in the moment and cannot be simulated, developers can catch outliers, view the complete details of the failed API call, share the details with their team, and even retry the failed requests. In addition, developers can monitor production API calls for critical business metrics and important events with notifications and custom dashboards.

Live Traffic Alerts catches exceptional API calls, which include:

  • Creating leads in a CRM platform
  • Charging customer credit cards via payment APIs
  • Facilitating marketplace transactions using a supplier's API
  • Registering a new user to a database

"Ring relies on Runscope to monitor all of our externally accessible APIs to verify that the servers are behaving as expected and meeting the time constraints that our application demands," said Nolan Clark, Lead Senior Quality Assurance Engineer at Ring. "Runscope Live Traffic Alerts acts as an extension to Runscope's core functionality, giving us the ability to control alert criteria and better trend data and failures, improving uptime and customer satisfaction, which is vital to our business."

More than 60,000 developers have used Runscope's proactive API monitoring and testing tools to run over 65 million uptime, performance and data validation checks last month, and over 400 million test runs since launch. By adding real-time API monitoring with Live Traffic Alerts, developers can gain a complete and actionable picture of API health.

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