Brightspace Autumn15 Unlocks Analytics in the Classroom

D2L's Brightspace Is the First LMS to Gather Student Data From Across the Learning Ecosystem -- Including Mobile Apps and Devices, Games, and Video -- and Deliver That Intelligence so Teachers Can Act in Real-time

INDIANAPOLIS, IN--(Marketwired - October 27, 2015) - EDUCAUSE CONFERENCE -- Today, D2L announces the Brightspace Autumn15 release, solving some of the biggest challenges facing education -- low engagement or high dropout rates -- by enabling teachers to receive student data from across the learning ecosystem and interact with students in a more dynamic way. Instructors using Brightspace will receive real-time intelligence about their students' learning activities on mobile devices, online or in class, empowering them to make an impact on learning when it's needed most.

"As education continues to evolve, D2L remains committed to reinventing its platform for the mobile and cloud-first world," said John Baker, CEO of D2L. "With today's new release, we are equipping instructors with a powerful set of integrated mobile tools, analytics, and services designed for the world of modern learning."


The learning ecosystem has expanded -- it is essential for instructors to be able to access student intelligence from any source -- so D2L has enhanced Brightspace Insights™ and introduced The Learning Analytics Blueprint:

LEARNING ANALYTICS SERVICES: D2L announces the Learning Analytics Blueprint, a service that helps institutions navigate the opportunity that learning analytics presents. They have comprised a team of experts in change management, data governance, and data sciences that can help institutions manage their education transformation.

SUPPORT FOR IMS CALIPER: Brightspace is the first LMS platform with the ability to both send and receive rich student data via IMS Caliper. Instructors using Brightspace Insights can now see how students are interacting with content across the learning ecosystem: videos, apps, games, and more. In addition, Brightspace Pulse, D2L's student mobile app for iOS and Android™, is also certified for IMS Caliper, enabling student intelligence generated in the mobile app to be streamed back into Brightspace where instructors can access it.

VIDEO ANALYTICS: D2L has partnered with Kaltura, an industry-leading video platform certified for IMS Caliper, to stream user video data back into Brightspace Insights, enabling instructors improve the use of rich, dynamic video content in their course materials.

ANALYTICS REPORTS: D2L has added new reports to provide instructors with a clear view of how students are progressing, predict how well they will do, and provide instructors with easy tools to immediately take action. D2L has added Course Access Reports, showing how often and how much time students have spent logged into a course to measure their engagement. The new Tool Usage Report shows faculty which learning tools the students are using, measuring the overall effectiveness of the course and its structure, as well as student engagement in the content. The new User Progress Enhancements in Brightspace show instructors how well a student is performing all from one simple interface. The new At-Risk Student Success System tool gives instructors a predictive view of potential issues right from their course home page and provides the one-click ability to engage directly with any student to get them back on track in real time.

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