Hexis Cyber Solutions to Attend the Upcoming CyberMaryland 2015 Conference

Company Executives Will Participate in Educational Sessions Alongside Industry Leaders on the Future of Cybersecurity

Hanover, Maryland, UNITED STATES

HANOVER, Md., Oct. 27, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hexis Cyber Solutions (Hexis), a wholly-owned subsidiary of The KEYW Holding Corporation (NASDAQ:KEYW), and a provider of advanced cybersecurity solutions for commercial companies and government agencies, will be participating in this year’s annual CyberMaryland Conference 2015, taking place on Wednesday, October 28 and Thursday, October 29 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

CyberMaryland is an annual two-day conference co-presented by The National Cyber Security Hall of Fame and Federal Business Council (FBC) in conjunction with academia, government and private industry organizations. This year’s theme, “Leading the Cyber Generation” welcomes thought leaders from Maryland’s cybersecurity sector and other nationally recognized speakers for advanced information sharing and networking opportunities. The intention of the event is to help cultivate the increasing development of critical cyber assets.

While at CyberMaryland, Hexis will be exhibiting alongside KEYW's Parrot Labs in booth #100. Conference attendees can stop by booth #100 for demos of HawkEye G 3.1, Hexis’ cybersecurity platform that offers next generation threat detection and response; Parrot Labs will be offering expert insights into offensive cybersecurity training. Additionally, Todd Weller, VP of Corporate Development, and Hexis President Chris Fedde, will be part of two separate panel discussions, “Blind to the Breach – Helping Enterprises See the Light,” and “Reduce Your Risk of Compromise Through Integrated and Automated Active Cyber Defense.”

WHAT:  “Blind to the Breach – Helping Enterprises See the Light”

This session will focus on the current state of security detection, verification and response strategies. Weller will address the overarching challenges an enterprise can face as it relates to proactively protecting its critical assets. Attendees will be educated on the benefits of adopting a comprehensive security strategy that incorporates detection, verification and response capabilities. Attendees will also learn more about the ways in which automation can be incorporated into one’s security approach to increase threat detection and response more effectively. 

WHO:Speaker: Todd Weller, VP of Corporate Development, Hexis Cyber Solutions
WHEN:Thursday, October 29, 2015 
 10:45 to 11:15 a.m. ET 
WHERE: Baltimore Convention Center 
 Room 309 – Level 300 


WHAT:  “Reduce Your Risk of Compromise through Integrated and Automated Active Cyber Defense” 

This session will educate attendees on how the DOD, in collaboration with KEYW, FireEye, Hexis Cyber Solutions, Palo Alto Networks, and Splunk developed an active cyber defense framework. Panelists will discuss how this framework has been used to coordinate the identification, verification and removal of threats across perimeter, network and endpoint cyber defense products to reduce the risk of compromise.

WHO:Moderators: Patrick Arvidson, Director for Defending DOD Networks and  
 Mission Assurance OSD, Office of the Principal Cyber Advisor and Russell  
 Glenn, Director, Cybersecurity, KEYW Corporation  
 Panelists: John Stoner, Federal Security Strategist, Splunk 
 Travis Rosiek, Federal CTO, FireEye 
 Ryan Gillis, Vice President of Government Affairs and Policy, Palo Alto Networks
 Chris Fedde, President, Hexis Cyber Solutions 
WHEN: Thursday, October 29, 2015 
 1:30 to 2:15 p.m. ET  
WHERE: Baltimore Convention Center 
 Room 309 – Level 300  

For more information on the CyberMaryland Conference 2015, please visit: http://bit.ly/1LBe0uP

About Hexis Cyber Solutions
Hexis Cyber Solutions, Inc. is a team of cybersecurity experts delivering solutions that enable organizations to defend against and remove cyber threats at machine speeds before they do damage. Hexis’ advanced security solutions use real-time endpoint sensors, network detection and threat analytics to provide organizations with an intelligent and automated threat detection and response solution. Hexis’ solutions deliver improved visibility into the network and endpoints, threat verification, and automated threat removal capabilities for organizations of all sizes.

Hexis Cyber Solutions, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The KEYW Holding Corporation (KEYW), based in Hanover, Maryland with engineering offices in Columbia, Maryland and San Mateo, California. Hexis’ solutions were developed leveraging KEYW’s expertise in supporting our nation's cybersecurity missions. For more information contact Hexis Cyber Solutions, 7740 Milestone Parkway, Suite 400, Hanover, Maryland 21076; Phone 443-733-1900; Fax 443-733-1901; E-mail info@hexiscyber.com; or on the Web at www.hexiscyber.com.

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About KEYW
KEYW provides agile cyber superiority, cybersecurity, and geospatial intelligence solutions for U.S. Government intelligence and defense customers and commercial enterprises. We create our solutions by combining our services and expertise with hardware, software, and proprietary technology to meet our customers' requirements. For more information contact KEYW Corporation, 7740 Milestone Parkway, Suite 400, Hanover, Maryland 21076; Phone 443-733-1600; Fax 443-733-1601; E-mail investors@keywcorp.com; or on the Web at www.keywcorp.com.


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