ATLANTA, Oct. 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The National Association for Real Estate Investors (NAREI), an Atlanta based company, recently announced they have launched 12 monthly real estate clubs in the last 45 calendar days. This was a substantial feat for the owners and an effective opportunity for club members.

NAREI provides networking and educational opportunities for investors dedicated to integrity and professionalism. NAREI enables investors to take their investing to the next level. Club members are requested to come prepared to network with other investors to learn multiple facets of the real estate investing industry.

There are several benefits for real estate investors to join and participate in a club. NAREI provides opportunities for seasoned investors to network with other real estate investors and lenders. The clubs provide the perfect forum for investors of any level to learn the true basics of real estate investing. Clubs also provide a rare opportunity to find private capital for real estate investments. Club members are also trained on how to use Facebook and other social media to generate quality leads.

The NAREI team is growing quickly and has set a goal to launch over fifty additional clubs in the 2016 calendar year. This may seem like an ambitious goal, but the NAREI team is confident it is achievable. When asked about the company's success, NAREI's founder Andrew Cordle said, "It is exciting to see the success of the company and the benefit it has on those participating. It feels so great to have our investor clubs be an instrumental part in their path to success. It feels so great to hear from members of the clubs on just how much our clubs help their business, their growth and their personal career goals. Things are going really great!"


The NAREI organization is one of the most prominent real estate investor associations in the country. By working with the NAREI team you will experience an environment that provides access to proven investment strategies as well as access to advice from seasoned professionals. To learn more about the NAREI organization and how to become involved please visit

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