Taggalo Launches First All-in-One Video, WiFi and Beacon Solution to Simply and Quickly Digitize the Physical Store

Already in Use by Leading Retailers, Taggalo Delivers Google-Type Analytics and Actionable Intelligence in a Cost-Competitive, Plug and Play, Customizable Device

MILAN, ITALY--(Marketwired - Oct 29, 2015) - Brick and mortar retailers trying to maximize sales opportunities have been hindered when it comes to gaining access to the brilliant analysis most online stores receive as data scientists measure clicks, track customers' online journeys and study what happens when carts are abandoned. Now retailers can easily and quickly get that information about their customers as Taggalo launches the only plug and play, all-in-one video, WiFi and beacon solution to provide Google-type analytics about what happens in a physical store. Already adopted by market leaders in retail, real estate, malls and outdoor advertising across EMEA, Asia and the Americas, Taggalo provides vital data about customer behaviors in the stores so retailers can make adjustments and improve the bottom line. (Photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/96020427@N07/albums/72157657917887673)

This tiny device can be quickly unpacked and installed without any special expertise and starts collecting data in 20 seconds. Typical retailers in a 100-square meter store will use three Taggalo devices to capture information: one located in the shopping window, one above the entrance and one inside the store.

The solution was built from the ground up by Taggalo, from the three sensing technologies to the analytics dashboard, and is very cost-competitive, giving even smaller retailers a way to gather and analyze customer data. The real-time comprehensive analytics are displayed visually in a customizable web dashboard and data are also accessible via APIs to allow seamless integration with other business intelligence applications.

The device provides:

  • Camera for video face recognition analysis using a smart algorithm for accurate morphologic assessment, letting retailers know the numbers of people coming in, ethnicity, age group and gender. Data are analyzed in real time and not saved, to preserve privacy
  • Wi-Fi analysis tracks new versus returning guests and average length of stay in a given area, leveraging the most advanced hashing techniques, without capture or disclosure of personal data
  • Beacon allows for easy ROI measurement, one-to-one contextual engagement and CRM integration using a white label mobile app
  • Highest level of data consistency is ensured because both video and Wi-Fi-tracking information are collected from the same sensor, positioned in a well-known location.
  • Granular analytics dashboard with real-time data by location, by hour/week/day/month and aggregated by store, by window or by other location

"To boost sales as well as provide a seamless omnichannel experience, we wanted to give retailers an easy solution to provide customer behavior data just like online retailers get. Because we provide multiple ways to gather customer data, Taggalo captures information on 100 percent of people passing by and entering a store," declared Luca Nestola, CEO and founder, Taggalo and Paolo Guida, an early investor in the company. "Taggalo is so easy to deploy that after initial training customers are rolling it out themselves, avoiding expensive integration costs."

The company is one of 12 finalists in the ChallengeUp, an IoT acceleration program backed by Cisco, Intel and Deutsche Telekom to develop joint use cases for end user customers and it recently raised seed funding from a pool of private investors. Taggalo will present early results at Unbound Digital in London on November 31st and December 1st.

Images: https://www.flickr.com/photos/96020427@N07/albums/72157657917887673

About Taggalo

Taggalo delivers retail analytics solutions to digitize the physical store with real-time metrics in a plug and play device. A private company, Taggalo is a spinoff of the CNR (National Research Council), the Italian Public Organization set up to support scientific and technological research. The cost effective device provides retailers information so they can improve conversion rates, assess merchandising decisions, enhance shop windows, create in-store customer loyalty programs and fuse the digital and physical worlds with an integrated BI dashboard.

Taggalo is a sponsor of National Retail Federation's big show, Booth 724. For more information, visit http://www.taggalo.co.uk

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