OMsignal Launches OMlabs Program and Strategic Partnership With Leading Active Apparel Manufacturer, MAS Holdings

Shaz Kahng, Former Nike Exec, Will Help Bring OMlabs Smart Textile Innovation to Global Brands as Chief Marketing Officer

MONTREAL, QC--(Marketwired - Oct 29, 2015) - OMsignal, a leader in biometric technology and smart apparel, today launched OMlabs, a research and development group that will provide a turnkey platform to prominent consumer brands seeking to integrate biometrics into their apparel -- from fashion to performance sports to health and well-being. OMlabs will focus on enabling leading-edge integrations of OMsignal's full stack solution -- including smart apparel, hardware and software. Whether it's skiing, yoga, professional football, running or cycling -- OMlabs will continue to develop smart apparel products across sports and lifestyle industries.

This announcement follows a successful partnership with Ralph Lauren to power the PoloTech Shirt and is fueled by an investment from and partnership with MAS Holdings, one of the leading, innovative, design to delivery apparel companies in wearable, performance sports and intimate apparel.

"We have been working closely with MAS for more than a year in developing the next generation of smart apparel products for consumers, and have been wildly impressed with their innovation capabilities," said Stéphane Marceau, OMsignal's co-founder and CEO. "Our strategic partnership will power innovation in apparel for decades to come."

"Major brands are looking for deep innovation and for complete solutions, including smart textile, bio-data science, software and hardware -- and highly advanced manufacturing capabilities is a core part of that expectation," said Nathan Sivagananathan, chief growth officer of MAS Holdings. "We believe textile is the ultimate medium for wearable technology and we are excited to partner with OMsignal to help global brands re-invent the experience they offer their customers."

In conjunction with this announcement, Shaz Kahng will increase her role from her current seat on OMsignal's Board of Directors and take on the role of chief marketing officer. Shaz will run brand development inside the OMlabs program and work closely with OMsignal's partners to shape smart apparel strategy and product introduction approaches. Shaz brings more than 20 years of retail experience to her position, including a previous role as president of lucy Activewear and senior executive roles with Nike. She joins a team of multinational interdisciplinary professionals from the fields of smart textile, software, hardware and bio-data science, who work together to bring life-enhancing smart clothes to consumers worldwide.

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OMsignal is a world leader in biometric technology and smart apparel, developing products and applications to help people live fitter, healthier lives. Weaving technology into life, the OMlabs smart clothing platform provides a seamless connection between body, textile and technology, empowering the world's leading fashion and sport brands to incorporate the very latest biometric technology into their clothing and stay one step ahead of the game. Based in Montreal, Canada, and backed by Canadian and US-based venture capital funds, the OMsignal team is comprised of a cross-section of scientists, engineers, fashion designers, intelligent textile fiber specialists, medical practitioners, as well as mobile UX and mobile product experts. For more information visit:


Almost three decades ago, the humble legacy of three young brothers started taking shape to influence the South Asian apparel industry. Today, they are positioned as one of the world's most recognized Design-to-Delivery Solution Providers in intimate apparel and sportswear through MAS Holdings. Comprised with 42 world class manufacturing facilities spanning across 15 countries, employing over 75000 personnel, along with a fully integrated supply chain advantage; it has become the integrator of choice within the Apparel Technology space.

Building on their impressive heritage in manufacturing, MAS has diversified its portfolio into IT and its own brands with an elevated focus in wearable technology and health & wellness through SMART Garments. Their relentless pursuit of excellence within this space leads them to apparel technology entrepreneurs who share their vision.

They believe that society at large only benefits when like-minded artists are free to explore their passion and this passion can then be carefully nurtured through their promise of delivery; it is this dream that makes it all worthwhile.

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