TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Oct. 30, 2015) - Halloween is a magical time of year for kids of all ages across the country. They get to dress up as their heroes, enjoy spooky stories and most importantly (from a kid perspective) score tons of candy from their friends and neighbours. In order to make sure that this is a safe, fun, and bountiful Halloween for all Canadians, Real Estate Brokerage, convened Canada's first kid-centric Halloween panel to create the very best tactical trick or treat tips this All Hallow's Eve.

To ensure as much accuracy as possible, TheRedPin took a two-pronged scientific approach to its research:

  1. The company mined a myriad of hard data to identify neighbourhoods with the most children, best safety records, and additional factors to flag the best bets for colossal candy hauls.
  2. Convened a think tank of kids between 5-13 to act as Halloween "experts" and share their best tricks for scoring the most sweets.

Key Findings of the Tactical Trick or Treat Think Tank:

1) The Purr-fect Crime

Six-year old Maddy G. is dressing as a cat* this year; her plan is to bring along her 2-year-old brother Reuben for added cuteness, but then "steal loot from his bag when he's not looking."**

2) Trick, Treat, Repeat

Eleven-year-old Corben D. is taking a much more sophisticated approach: He is working on two separate costumes to allow him to go two rounds of trick-or-treating undetected. Callie G., age six, has a similar plan: She will be dressing as a Minion, which she anticipates will be the most common costume of the night. Given she'll blend in with the crowd, she figures she can go back to the best houses under the radar.

3) Learn a Slick Trick

Brother/Sister team Conan M. (10) and Pippa M. (8), are veteran candy collectors with a plan. Pippa is sporting a Cheerleader costume this year and is aiming to collect 200 pieces of candy before the night is through. Her approach is to be as cute as possible (she uses a patented "puppy dog face"), but also to be prepared with a trick in case it's requested.

4) Awesome Trumps Cute

Her brother, conversely, doesn't buy into the cute. Says Conan, "I don't need to be cute. I'm awesome." Conan's set a bigger goal than his sister, seeking at least 250 treats this year. "I'm the most dedicated trick or treater of them all," continues Conan. "I ran into my friends one year and their bags were a quarter the size of mine." This dedication is evident with both Conan and Pippa, who plan to spend three hours collecting candy this year.

5) Plan Ahead

Conan and Pippa will have some heavy candy collecting competition from Joseph T., age 11. He's got a very long route mapped out, and plans to run from door to door in order to get to as many houses as possible. While he doesn't do anything extra-cute - "Being 'me' is cute enough to get candy" - he will be dressing as a girl this year, and hopes to collect around 2000 pieces of candy, or enough to fill 1.5 pillowcases (his preferred covert container for candy spoils).

5.5) Bonus Tip: Say Anything

According to 13 Year-old Matthew (the veteran trick or treater of the panel), he learned early on that amplifying cuteness leads to more candy. Given the opportunity, he recommends younger kids mispronounce trick or treat as 'twick ower tweet' to melt the hearts of adults in control of the candy.

* Panelists reserve the right to switch costumes up to and including October 31, 2015.

** TheRedPin does not condone the stealing of candy from one's younger siblings.

Hard Data on Candy Collection:

While TheRedPin loves real estate, they also really love sweets and treats; to assist Torontonians on their candy crusades, they've uncovered some helpful data to point trick-or-treaters to the top Toronto neighbourhoods:

  1. Toronto Waterfront: Conventional wisdom would dictate that condos are not necessarily the most child-friendly option, but Toronto's Waterfront communities like the Distillery District, Cityplace, and the West Don Lands saw the largest increase in children aged newborn to four between 2008 and 2011. With so many young families, condos are bound to be busting with treats. Added bonus: They are weather-proof and units are close together, so you can hit up more homes in less time.
  1. Safety First: Above all else, safety is key on Halloween. Based on 2011 crime reporting data, TheRedPin recommends the neighbourhood of Leaside-Bennington as a great place to trick-or-treat. It is one of the city's safest areas, and has a large population of young families.
  1. Closer to the Heart: Leaside-Bennington also gets points because the lots are close together: Less distance between homes = more homes covered = more candy!
  1. Mo' Money, Mo' Candy!: It is not a leap to imagine that high-income homes will be equipped with high-quality candy. Based on average neighbourhood incomes, combined with preponderance of young families, TheRedPin recommends Bathurst-Lawrence, and Mt. Pleasant-Lawrence for optimizing one's candy bounty.
  1. Party In the GTA!
    Beyond Toronto proper, TheRedPin has a number of additional regional neighbourhood recommendations based on proximity to good elementary schools and robust family communities with young children. Families with high-school aged kids may or may not participate in Halloween, but chances are that families living near elementary schools will likely have a kid or two in class:
  • Oakville - College Park and Eastlake
  • Brampton - Fletcher's Creek
  • Markham - Berkzy and Wimser
  • Richmond Hill - Rouge Woods
  • Mississauga - Streetsville and Central Erin Mills

"There is plenty of fun to be had, so above all, this is a great day for everyone to let loose and enjoy some candy," says Rokham Fard, CMO and Co-Founder of "Wherever you celebrate this year, our goal is to use our extensive knowledge of GTA neighbourhoods to help you have a super, safe and sweet Halloween."

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