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  • PolarPro® II CSSP provides image rotation for Thinkware QXD950 View "Black Box"
  • Thinkware QXD950 View now shipping in production volumes

QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK), the innovator of ultra-low power programmable sensor processing solutions, today announced that its PolarPro II CSSP platform has been designed into Thinkware's QXD950 View "Black Box" product and is now shipping in production volumes.

The QXD950 View two-channel car black box provides advanced data logging for automotive applications, plus night vision and accident image capture information. The PolarPro II CSSP enables the QXD950 View to support image processing for a 3.5-inch TSP LCD (480 x 320 HVGA). By offloading this task from the image processing DSP, Thinkware was able to provide its customers with this beneficial feature while reducing power consumption and accelerating its time-to-market.

The PolarPro II family was specifically architected to meet interconnect and system logic requirements of power sensitive and portable applications. With special attention paid to efficient logic cell utilization, achieving the smallest size, and lowest power consumption during the design process, QuickLogic has ensured that the PolarPro II device is the ideal solution for OEMs who require a configurable logic solution for their application.

"The QXD950 View is an extremely innovative product which enables automobile owners to have their own personal 'black box,'" said Brian Faith, vice president of worldwide marketing for QuickLogic. "By choosing QuickLogic's PolarPro II CSSP platform to manage some critical image processing tasks, Thinkware was able to have a short development cycle while still optimizing their product to provide maximum user functionality."

The PolarPro II CSSP and QXD950 View are both now shipping in production volumes.

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