WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - November 03, 2015) - The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Troop Support will issue on or around November 6, 2015 a solicitation to support Federal Emergency Disaster Relief Operations. This acquisition shall provide the rapid deployment of Generator Sets to support FEMA in order to protect against, respond to, recover from, or mitigate against threatened or actual major or catastrophic disasters and emergencies -- both natural and man-made, including acts of terror.

FEMA has both CONUS and OCONUS distribution centers with generator fleets (power packs of varying sizes and capacities) to support emergency response operations. This acquisition would provide generator sets via lease/rental when the nearest FEMA generator fleet has a shortfall in inventory or does not have the generator sizes or quantities in inventory when an emergency response in required.

If needed, subject contracts may also be utilized to provide generators to support U.S. Military Conflict Support Requirements or other DOD missions.

Contractors will be required to provide industrial diesel powered generators with all necessary fuel tanks and fuel lines (with proper connections) via lease/rental in the following Band Sizes: Range 1: 15-60kW; Range 2: 61-100kW; Range 3: 101-200kW; Range 4: 201-400kW; Range 5: 401-704kW; Range 6: 705kW-1mW. Generators shall be rated for Prime Power. Generators shall also have an hour meter, manufacturer's operation and maintenance manuals, specification/capacity plates, and unique six-digit identification numbers. A complete set of spare filters shall be provided. Additional support equipment via a Bill of Material (BOM) such as cables and connectors also may be required.

Delivery shall be FOB destination to staging areas at the location of operations, intermediary locations, and/or consolidation points in CONUS, Alaska, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands. Delivery is required in CONUS within 24 to 48 hours. Delivery is required OCONUS (Alaska, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands) within 48 to 72 hours. The use of private charters will be required to meet delivery time frames.

The DLA acknowledges that delivery to minor outlying islands and non-United States Territories or commonwealths in the Caribbean and Pacific Islands may require additional delivery time. However, support is for disaster and emergency relief operations and therefore contractors must deliver in an expedited manner in order to achieve mission success.

The DLA will evaluated proposals using a combined Technically Acceptable and Best Value Tradeoff procedure, and it intends to make multiple awards with post-award competition of delivery order requirements.

The contracts resulting from this solicitation will be Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity Contracts with base ordering periods of five years and maximum terms of five years. There are no options.

Because of the uncertainty associated with emergency power requirements, the Government is unable to provide forecasted quantities. Vendors selected for award shall have a guaranteed minimum of $25,000.00 and a contractual maximum of $45 million. This $45 million maximum also represents the maximum for the acquisition; the sum of all orders against all contracts shall not exceed $45 million.

One or more of the items under this acquisition is subject to the World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement and Free Trade Agreements. Dependent on the item, Preference for Certain Domestic Commodities/Berry Amendment, Restriction on Acquisition of Specialty Metals, Restriction on the Acquisition of Certain Articles Containing Specialty Metals, and Restriction on Acquisition of Hand or Measuring Tools may also apply.

All responses will be due on or around December 6, 2015.

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