LAKE WORTH, FL--(Marketwired - Nov 3, 2015) - TOCCA Life Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: TLIF) (the "Company" or "TOCCA") recently announced the simplicity of outperforming Wall Street's expectations, while utilizing the vast revenues available, to make a difference for the 25% of American families directly affected by the disease of addiction. Cornell stated, "We could gamble more than $30,000 on leads to fill a house of 5 with people who are insured so that their policies pay us $15,000 per month and deny people seeking help who don't have the right insurance policy. Or, we can help everyone and diversify the funds in an ethical business manner to build a company that families know provides sanctuary, safety and a transition back into society for their loved ones by allocating funds to the cause. If it took $60 Million to own an exclusive marketing team to help find people with insurance policies instead of trying to learn how to market, no less help everyone, I'm not surprised that there is such a serious drug epidemic for our kids to inherit and that TOCCA works so hard. In fact, we just sold certain marketing rights in a strategic alliance, to solidify our partner's commitment to us to help us grow. We receive one million dollars instead of spending it. We didn't buy those rights, we sold them on a nonrefundable basis and upon performance before they could buy additional rights."

Cornell was part of a team that took the hypocrisy and fraud out of the mortgage industry by providing a no income, no asset mortgage to those with perfect credit who were denied traditional home financing because they were self-employed and accepted tax write-offs for pursuing the American Dream of owning their own business. Thereafter, partnered with Kevin Harrington, of ABC TV's Show Shark Tank, in the attempt produce and air the first infomercial for Reverse Mortgages when only 3 firms in the country could retain servicing rights for such originations because those companies had no ability to market the program, outside of telemarketing (now one of the longest running direct response spots in history). Cornell says, "It became all about money for those involved. The 'banking big boys' escalated real estate activity with my vision to culminating in a bubble and a recession, as others cashed in. I walked away looking for a better way to help more people than myself."

TOCCA Life is set to transform and organize the thousands of sober living homes that operate as small businesses that want to do the right thing in this emerging market. TOCCA is seeking to ensure that those small business owners who are looking to make a living and that have a passion to help others, organize against big money. "Our primary intention, before releasing more products, is to help everyone we can that is affected by the disease of addiction, as fast as we can." The Company believes in creating shareholder wealth that provides those shareholders' communities' with less crime, less stress and more value for investors.

The Company expects it can make this difference and build a $50 million marketing campaign for less than 3 percent of what AAC spent and have it self-perpetuate via retail sales; while it supports the clients and families by minimizing any stigma associated with drug testing. In fact, will offer help starting the first day clients and their families provide each other honesty, straight through to a client's transition back into society as a productive member. and affiliates will provide guidance to help them at no extra cost. By helping people that need help, instead of just focusing on who currently has an insurance policy, we believe we will grow and prosper as those we help grow and prosper, without the need to spend $60 Million of insurance or investment money. The approach is an open door policy and organic growth knowledge backed by the power of the media. Thus, the more people we help, the more money there will be and the more money there is, the more people we can continue to help.

Treatment from reputable firms such as AAC creates education for clients. TOCCA creates a safe environment with sober support via traditional practices that have worked before the treatment industry ever started. This allows clients to practice knowledge gained from treatment to transition back into society. Cornell states, "I think Mr. Cartwright has one piece of the puzzle solved well and does it with ethics. I think allegations made against AAC are made with a misunderstanding as to the work they do and the severity of risk that the industry takes doing such work. I think TOCCA has every other piece of support solved without the destructive effects of greed within the industry. I think AAC shareholders can't afford another large scale purchase without talking with TOCCA and looking at the rest of the picture. After all, diversification is a proven investment strategy. I know we will make a difference on the war against drugs."

TOCCA Life is trying to hit reality with business owners first, with this simple test video script, as it builds scripts for its Nationwide Multi-Media Marketing Campaign. before it spends the first million dollars on media.

About TOCCA Life Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: TLIF): Located in Lake Worth, and Boynton Beach, Florida, the first publicly traded sober living company focused on biotech industry solutions to create accountability through technology and early detection, TOCCA Life, offers clients more than the typical halfway house, recovery residence, sober or transitional living experience by opening up doors of interest that may spark a client's new passion for life while practicing the 12 Step Program in its safe, structured sober living environment. Extra precautions are being taken for the clients and the community with clinical toxicology testing, to monitor prescription drug use and make clients accountable for illicit drug use, as clients transform themselves back into productive members of society.

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