Integral Ad Science Introduces Pub Expert, Resolving Discrepancies in Measurement for Media Buyers & Sellers

Publisher Offering Increases Ability to Monetize Inventory

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Nov 3, 2015) -  Integral Ad Science, the leader in quantifying digital media quality, today announced Pub Expert, a new publisher-centric media quality solution that will streamline the ability of advertisers and publishers to transact on viewable, non-fraudulent impressions. Utilizing Integral's premier media quality measurement tools, Pub Expert empowers publishers to evaluate inventory quality down to the individual ad unit -- measuring key elements such as viewability, fraudulent traffic and brand safety. Publishers can then forecast and price their media accordingly.

Pub Expert unifies both sides of a campaign into a single metric of record, eliminating discrepancies from buy-side to sell-side measurement. Traditionally, media quality measurement relies on either the advertiser side or the publisher side, resulting in discrepancies of up to 20 percent. Discrepancies lead to significant operational challenges for both sides of the sale, including transacting, planning, and optimizing on quality media. With Pub Expert, Integral delivers a single, accurate, discrepancy-free number. Integral is the only third-party advertising verification company that is now able to measure and report based on a single number.

"We are proud to unite the industry and bridge the gap between advertisers and publishers through Pub Expert, the latest tool in the Integral arsenal," said Scott Knoll, CEO, Integral Ad Science. "With its discrepancy-free measurement, Pub Expert saves media buyers and sellers time, money and frustration."

"Transparency in our industry leads to trust and efficiency which benefit all involved," said Gary Milner, Director, Global Digital Marketing at Lenovo. "Pub Expert provides our publisher partners and us with consistent data that we can all rely on, strengthening our relationship and operational efficiency."

Pub Expert also offers a sleek new user interface that integrates directly with DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). Pub Expert enables publishers to access the same metrics advertisers see, organized by insertion order, campaign, ad unit and ad size. Advertisers and publishers can now avoid lengthy make-good conversations and impression buffering to compensate for discrepancies when filling an order.

"As a premium publisher, we need to ensure that we give the online market a transparent and effective way to promote brands. Therefore, we partnered with Integral and enforced a clear strategy across our entire portfolio," said Vicky Foster, Commercial Director, Digital at Bauer Media UK. "Using Integral's Pub Expert, we have achieved fantastic uplift in viewability that is aligned with the IAB standards while receiving reporting that is in line with our advertiser clients."

Integral will continue to develop cutting-edge technology solutions to create a healthier advertising ecosystem where media buyers and sellers receive the most value for all ad opportunities.

About Integral Ad Science

Integral Ad Science is a technology company focused on ensuring safe, quality media environments for online advertisers. Employing the industry's only media valuation platform, Integral Ad Science evaluates the media environment and establishes a TRAQ Score (TRue Advertising Quality), a first-of-its-kind, quantifiable measure of media quality that ultimately benefits every media buyer, seller, publisher and trading platform. TRAQ Score supports an advertiser's ability to plan, execute and target their audience in an environment that reflects their brand image and drives ROI, while simultaneously setting benchmarks for publishers who wish to improve the quality of their content and design to attract premium advertisers. Integral is headquartered in New York with operations in San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, London, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Tokyo and Paris. Learn more at

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