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This document corrects and replaces the press release that was sent today, November 3, 2015 at 4:33 PM EST. The error occurred in the first and the fifth paragraphs where it should have read "November 13, 2015" instead of "November 18, 2015".

Almas Jiwani, international stimulant of change and epitome of gender equality, will be discussing why women matter now, more than ever in her key note address at the Toronto-Calcutta Foundation's Annual Gala on November 13, 2015.

The gala will look at equality issues as they pertain to Calcutta and Canadians and will feature a diverse array of guest speakers, including Almas Jiwani's keynote address.

"We invited Almas Jiwani as our key note speaker because we want our audience to hear from a respected, talented international leader. In a time where there is a need to remind the world that women matter, she exemplifies the commitment and drive needed to develop cutting edge programs that will stand as a testament to how one can achieve great success. This is a critical driving force behind our organization's mission and we believe she champions that in her work" said Saswati Deb. "Her success and dedication to creating change and empowering women is admirable and exactly the type of personality that the community would be able to learn from. Her own story and her ability to champion values of humanity, equality and progress in the lives of women will help send the message of hope for the future and the importance of giving back to the community at large." Stated Ms. Deb.

Almas Jiwani discusses her enthusiasm for participating in the upcoming gala and topics she will cover in her keynote address: "It is my honor and duty to share with my peers on how the dialogue around equality can fit into daily life, and how we as women are the stimulants for change now, more than ever before. One of the most oppressive elements in striving towards gender equality is the inability to vocalize it and the tremendous shadow this casts on the issue. I want to talk to you about how we can open the dialogue and take steps to eradicate inequality" said Almas Jiwani.

The Annual Gala will be held on November 13, 2015 at 6:30 pm at the Hilton Garden Inn, 3201 Highway 7 West

To RSVP & hear Ms. Jiwani speak at the Toronto-Calcutta Foundation, contact: Tapan & Panna Mazumder at Phone: 416-466-0126, or email:

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The Toronto-Calcutta Foundation (TCF) is a non-profit organization devoted to the well-being of needy people in Kolkata and its surrounding areas. TCF funds, supports and/or manages projects that address local needs related to health, education or employment skills.


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