ROCHESTER, N.Y., Nov. 3, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VoicePort, LLC announced today that they have entered into an agreement with Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC) to leverage its expertise in data integration and patient notification technologies to provide decision support and State Immunization Registry reporting to Pharmacy providers. VoicePort's platform, PharmaPhonetics®, provides a host of cloud-based services to today's Pharmacists including advanced data analytics, inbound/outbound interactive voice response, patient education, Medication Synchronization and performance measurement. This new partnership will expose to the pharmacist, specific immunization gaps based on Advisory Council on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations and State Immunization Registry data. "Our vision is focused on providing the retail pharmacist with relevant, real-time information with the goal of active participation in today's collaborative care models", said Jeff Maltese, Vice President of Pharmacy Strategy. "With adult immunization rates still at low levels, the frequency of patient touchpoints and regulatory authorization represents a substantial opportunity for pharmacists to further impact patient care".

The VoicePort PharmaPhonetics® Prescription Services Suite offers a seamless and differentiated approach to reaching multiple patients to address and support improved patient health and adherence in an automated and efficient manner. "Medication Adherence is an industry imperative that requires multiple strategies and tactics to address the various patient and disease states", said VoicePort President and CEO Chris Mann. "With the introduction of this integration, we've added an important tool to our adherence platform that will provide pharmacists with timely clinical decision support and compliance reporting". Mann further commented, "Our expertise in integrating with Pharmacy Management Systems and STC's industry leading immunization intelligence capabilities allows our pharmacy customers to efficiently identify patient vaccine eligibility right at the point of care ".

"Our platform offers a high degree of flexibility and configurability designed to optimize our customer's specific technology, workflow and financial requirements as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach" said Alphonse Sasso, Vice President of Business Development. Sasso further commented "Customers can decide which tools to employ at their discretion whether it's the seamless use of data-driven automated outbound notifications or direct patient engagement tools like MTM eligibility or immunization recommendations".

About VoicePort

Headquartered in Rochester, New York and founded in 2002, VoicePort develops and markets configurable communication solutions in the media, healthcare and pharmaceutical verticals. The company's solutions are helping clients efficiently communicate with customers and patients through the use of self or assisted-service enabled using Advanced Speech Recognition (ASR) technology and handle over 28 million patient conversations annually at more than 1,200 customer sites in North America.
VoicePort maintains strategic relationships with partners such as with Aumtech, Inc., OneStream Networks, The Pharmacy Quality Alliance, STC and Polyglot, Inc. leveraging its expertise in automated self-service applications, analytics and pharmacy operations expertise to deliver a full suite of personalized multi-channel patient communication and adherence applications called PharmaPhonetics®.
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About STC

A leading public health informatics company in the U.S., STC creates technology solutions to address critical public health issues and to improve public health through the applied use of population health data.

Founded in 1988, STC was one of the first companies to advocate for the value of immunization registries and public health data to augment clinical practice. Since then, STC has become the trusted authority on the applied use of information technology to collect immunization data and assist in solving complex challenges.

STC's unique mix of public health advisors and information system software developers combine their talents to design innovative software solutions used in both the public and private sectors, by state public health departments as well as by the nation's leading pharmacies and physicians.
With over 300 million vaccine encounters now retained in the immunization registries of STC and its state public health partners, STC plays a key role in protecting children and adults from diseases and helping to create healthier populations.

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