CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Nov 3, 2015) - Brookstone Capital Management, the distinguished Chicago-based RIA, has taken its relationship with HiddenLevers to the next level, purchasing the portfolio stress testing platform for all its advisors.

"A year ago, we made a substantial investment in HiddenLevers risk tech to see how our audience would use it with separately managed accounts," said Dean Zayed, CEO, Brookstone Capital Management. "A beta test group of our advisors thought highly enough of HiddenLevers that I decided to make this incredibly robust software available to all our independent advisor representatives."

According to Raj Udeshi, Co-founder, HiddenLevers, recent market volatility in August and September brings the value of stress testing portfolios into stark relief for financial advisors, especially on big picture scenarios like China Slowdown, Tech Bubble 2.0, and Oil Crash.

"Brookstone stepping up to an enterprise-wide deal is meaningful for us," said Udeshi. "By integrating deeply with their custom software and home office, we've enabled an SMA-focused RIA with 300+ advisors to seamlessly do asset manager stress testing and showcase their models against prospect holdings. The HiddenLevers platform is satisfying both compliance and marketing needs."

Details of the Deal

All Brookstone affiliates now have access to HiddenLevers risk analytics, interactive stress testing, and client-facing reports. Brookstone advisors can use the platform to give macro context to their proprietary models, including separately managed accounts, which are pre-loaded into HiddenLevers for new users.

To cement the enterprise-wide rollout, HiddenLevers created a deep integration with the Vanare wealth management platform, and secured SMA daily returns data from Morningstar (NASDAQ: MORN).

"It was an exciting challenge working between multiple teams to develop a custom platform and on-boarding experience that slotted into the Brookstone process," said Joonas Niiholm, Enterprise Specialist, HiddenLevers. "Since we require daily or weekly returns data to stress test SMAs, we can help uncover hidden volatility."

"Brookstone's choice on HiddenLevers was easy," said Udeshi. "It's not just during volatile markets like those we've seen recently, but during every market cycle, that each financial professional needs to continue checking their due diligence boxes on communicating risk -- we want to be the way they do that."

About HiddenLevers
HiddenLevers is quickly becoming the premier portfolio stress testing solution for both portfolio managers and financial advisors everywhere. Cloud-based since its inception, the comprehensive risk tech platform includes a library of macro scenario research, interactive stress testing and scenario analysis, risk profiles for portfolios, automated risk monitoring, and thoughtful client-facing output. HiddenLevers has offices in New York City and Atlanta. 

About Brookstone Capital Management 
Founded in 2006, Brookstone Capital Management (BCM) is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor firm providing fee-based asset management services. BCM offers investment management through a select network of independent advisor representatives, offering portfolios that span conservative, moderate, and growth oriented risk tolerances. Founder and CEO Dean Zayed established Brookstone with the singular goal of forging strategic relationships with independent advisors to support all aspects of their fee-based advisory business.

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