HAUPPAUGE, NY--(Marketwired - Nov 4, 2015) - Senior Vice President for Corporate Strategy, Jon Kirchner, will share Globecomm's vision for satellite and telecommunications solutions in support of Atlantic Basin energy initiatives aimed at enhancing economic and social development, especially for the most vulnerable people, when he participates in the 2015 Atlantic Energy Forum in Mexico on November 5.

The forum is a multi-national, high-level gathering of private and public sector leaders on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, from North, Central and South America, Europe and Africa, to address emerging opportunities and challenges of what the forum calls "the Atlantic energy renaissance." Chaired by former Spanish President Jose Maria Aznar and launched by the prestigious USA-based Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, one of the primary goals of the forum is the removal of the historic line dividing the northern and southern Atlantic nations by defining a new energy community.

Globecomm is the first satellite-based data management company invited to attend the Mexico gathering from the North American side of the Atlantic and joins fellow telecommunications provider Telefonica in seeking to build a truly global communications bridge for the initiative. Kirchner seeks the establishment of a working group to look at energy sector telecommunication issues.

"We are honored to be part of this important forum and dialogue," said Kirchner. "This initiative is designed to enable this vast region to go well beyond a more efficient extraction of oil," he added. "The relationships among energy, communications and economic development are thoroughly entwined today. Sustainability and social development are part of the initiative's vision that we hope to help the region achieve."

Because of its prestige and diversity of its participants, the Forum is seen as key to smart development and the expansion of the Atlantic Basin's energy marketplace. The Forum is supported by major companies in the region's energy industry, including Enagás, Ernst & Young and CEMEX. While it seeks to enhance a more open and competitive market for energy products, equipment and services, it will also "facilitate and develop Atlantic Basin energy trade and investment through a variety of means," according to its statement of intent. The forum also takes a holistic approach to include a strategy for broadening economic opportunities, managing environmental concerns more effectively and for the establishment of a charter for sustainable energy practices.

Globecomm's experience as one of the world's most respected complex network design and integration companies, with offices around the globe and wide experience in the satellite communications industry, will be an asset to the forum and its members. The oil and gas industry increasingly relies on more sophisticated use of satellite networks for management, exploration and communication. Globecomm has also helped to support the satellite industry's global awareness campaign, "Making the World Better through Satellites."

The Atlantic Basin, which consists of 65 countries and 33 territories, from North America to South America and from Europe to Africa, holds significant reserves of energy, as well as of raw and rare materials. Offshore discoveries in Ghana, Suriname-Guyana, Namibia, Morocco and Argentina are expected to be part of the future world energy map. The Atlantic Basin is also the cradle of the modern biofuels industry and home to over 80 percent of current global production and trade. It is the world's leader in renewable energy, from bioenergy to solar and wind power and other low carbon technology. The members of the forum, which is a framework for transnational collaboration, note that this will have a particularly dramatic impact in Atlantic Africa. The accessibility of energy could reduce infant mortality, improve education, advance environmental sustainability and accelerate economic growth and prosperity.

"Global solutions to these localized energy production issues -- in the age of the Industrial Internet and the Internet of Things -- depends on complex communications systems working side-by-side in support of a vision for stronger societies," Kirchner added.

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