RIVERTON, UT--(Marketwired - Nov 5, 2015) - In the new book "A Bridge Over Troubled Wall Street," bestselling author and safe money specialist Stephen Gardner (www.yourbridgeplan.com) introduces readers to a real estate lending strategy that provides a solid return while avoiding stock market risks.

"Every day your money sits in the stock market it is exposed to market loss," Gardner says. "But if you park your money in a bank, it's earning next to nothing in interest. There's a way to get much better return on your dollars without taking a risk you can't afford."

In the book, Gardner discusses how to make money in real estate using a "bridge plan." Here's how a bridge plan works:

Developers need capital to build or renovate commercial property such as hotels, office buildings, resorts, shopping centers and apartment buildings.

Gardner works with clients who pool their money to make a 12 to 18-month "bridge loan" to fund the work. The return on that loan is usually about 5 to 7 percent, Gardner says.

"It makes being involved in real estate easy and enjoyable while at the same time giving clients the opportunity to make better returns," Gardner says.

Also, with a bridge loan, the strategy is not just on paper. There's an actual physical building -- maybe a hospital, maybe a water-bottling plant -- that the clients could drive to and see firsthand, he says.

In the book's foreword, Mark Maiewski, who leads a college financial planning company, writes that Gardner "does an incredible job of laying out the good and the bad to know whether lending on bridge loans may be a fit for you."

About Stephen Gardner

Stephen Gardner committed to becoming a safe money specialist after losing 38 percent of his retirement money to Wall Street. As owner and founder of the Safe Millionaire Club at YourBridgePlan.com, he wants families to get safer returns on their retirement funds, independent of Wall Street's risk. Gardner is the bestselling author of "Billion Dollar Blueprint" and "Smartest Doctor in the Room." His latest, "A Bridge Over Troubled Wall Street," offers a blueprint for safer investments and returns, without Wall Street's rollercoaster-like ups and downs. Gardner earned his Bachelor of Business Administration and Business Administration and Management degree from the University of Utah.

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