NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - November 06, 2015) - Educational Director Gili Rechany of Shema Kolainu - Hear Our Voices, School and Center for Children with Disabilities, presented research and tactics about the paramount importance of social skills intervention strategies and the learning methodologies of a variety of social abilities at a workshop at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City.

Deficits in communication and social interaction are the sources of deep frustrations for autistic children and their families. Yet, "being socially able" is an imperative pre-requisite to increase a child's chances of achieving his potential in a world that is becoming more interconnected than ever before. Rechany started by reviewing the intricacies of social self. Quoting the works of the Director of the Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding Carol Gray, the speaker presented social stories, social games, social scripts and cartoon strips as some of the most effective therapy treatments for social communication disorder. "Not only do they provide opportunities to acquire and practice social interactions that meet children where they are at, but they also support all levels of challenge," she says. "Ultimately, they build fluency and develop independence," reinforced Rechany.

Rechany, academic leader in the field of autism education, addressed a captivated audience composed of health care providers and families. Professionals seek to increase their knowledge and obtain credits while there is also a strong awakening of parents identifying themselves as key figures in their child's social and communication development. Lastly, taking parents' training to the next level, Rechany explained how to tailor programs to the child's needs and stage of development.

Her approach directly resonates with the Model School Shema Kolainu - Hear Our Voices that runs under her leadership and the acclaimed guidance of Dr. Weinstein, its founder. The series of workshops made possible by NYC Council Autism Initiative Funding and organized by Shema Kolainu - Hear Our Voices, aim to offer professionals and parents of autistic children top-quality assistance and support to best serve their little ones. "We exist to empower the Autism community and help them to be the best version of themselves," Dr. Weinstein said.

If you would like to partake in their programs, email Yael Sebag at to be in attendance at their future events. The next workshop will be held on December 8th, 2015 and will discuss adaptive daily living skills. Admission is free of charge.

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