VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Nov. 5, 2015) - Peterborough resident Candace Rennick has been re-elected to the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) national executive board as regional vice-president for Ontario.

"I look forward to continuing my work to give a strong voice to our members in Ontario, and to helping advance our important work, such as fighting for a minimum care standard for long-term care homes," said Rennick, who is now the longest-serving woman on the national executive board of Canada's largest union.

Formerly a Peterborough long-term care worker, she is secretary-treasurer of CUPE Ontario and has been a strong advocate for public services in Ontario.

"Nationally, provincially and locally, we have to stop the austerity agenda that is closing schools and hospitals, and that's causing longer wait lists for long-term care and other vital services," she said. "It's high time our governments stopped making mistakes like selling Hydro One, and instead started building the Canada we all want and deserve."

Rennick is one of four CUPE members from Ontario elected to the national executive board. CUPE Ontario President Fred Hahn was re-elected as General Vice-President. CUPE Ontario First Vice-President and Ontario Council of Hospital Unions President Michael Hurley was elected Regional Vice-President for Ontario. Yolanda McClean, a Toronto school board worker and CUPE Ontario Second Vice-President was elected as Diversity Vice-President. CUPE Ontario Fourth Vice-President Henri Giroux was elected as Regional Vice-President for Northern Ontario.

CUPE is Ontario's community union, with more than 250,000 members providing quality public services we all rely on, in every part of the province, every day. CUPE Ontario members are proud to work in social services, health care, municipalities, school boards, universities and airlines.

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