DUBLIN, IRELAND--(Marketwired - Nov 6, 2015) - Hibernia Networks, a leading provider of high speed global telecommunications services, announces the company was awarded two top honors for its recently launched Hibernia Express at Tuesday evening's 2015 Global Carrier Awards in Paris. Hibernia Networks received "Best Project of the Year - Subsea" and "Best Subsea Innovation" awards in recognition of the unmatched performance capabilities of Hibernia Express, the first new cable in over 12 years to be deployed on the transatlantic route.

On September 15, 2015, the 4,600 km cable connecting Halifax, Nova Scotia and Brean, England, was officially announced as ready for service. Hibernia Express provides customers with the most advanced and lowest-latency fiber-optic path between New York and London (under 58.95ms), with terrestrial fiber routes extending connectivity to other major metro areas. In addition to its latency benefits, Hibernia Express currently supports up to 100 Gbps and will be upgradable to 400 Gbps in the future, providing customers with scalable, high capacity solutions for the global transport of media-rich, data and cloud-based applications.

"After years of methodical planning and disciplined execution, Hibernia Express is commercially operational and is having a transformational impact on the telecom industry," states Bjarni Thorvardarson, CEO of Hibernia Networks. "The Hibernia Networks team has a great sense of pride and accomplishment in Hibernia Express and would like to thank the judges for recognizing this historic project with these prestigious awards."

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About Hibernia Networks:
Hibernia Networks owns and operates a global network connecting North America, Europe and Asia, serving 89 markets and spanning 25 countries.

Hibernia Networks serves customers with unparalleled support, flexibility and service in a variety of industry segments including the telecom service provider, financial services, media and entertainment, and web-centric segments. Hibernia Networks provides secure and diverse dedicated Ethernet, DTM, Wavelengths and carrier-grade IP Transit services. As a true, end-to-end service provider, Hibernia Networks also offers cloud connectivity, low latency services and HiberniaCDN for seamless anytime, anywhere content delivery. Hibernia Networks' new transatlantic cable, Hibernia Express, provides the lowest latency connectivity available between North America and Europe.

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