TubeMogul Launches Industry's First Automated Cross-Screen Planning Software

Revolutionary Technology Bridges Divide Between TV and Digital Devices to Help Marketers -- Including Expedia, Generator Media, Eicoff, Media Experts and Levelwing -- Understand Where to Invest Media Budgets in Order to Achieve the Most Efficient Incremental Reach

Emeryville, California, UNITED STATES

EMERYVILLE, Calif., Nov. 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, TubeMogul (NASDAQ:TUBE), a leading enterprise software company for brand advertising, announced the launch of its new cross-screen planning technology. The first-of-its-kind software allows marketers to plan ad buys to deduplicate their target audience across both traditional TV as well as digital channels, drastically improving upon previous solutions that only accounted for audiences on digital-only desktop and mobile devices.

The cross-screen planning software ingests a marketers' existing TV plan, and a combination of data sets, to determine optimal inventory mix and budget allocations, and provide the specific networks, sites and mobile applications necessary for a more efficient campaign. The planning software is integrated directly into TubeMogul's existing media buying platform, allowing seamless execution across all campaign phases. By unifying the planning technology with the media buying and reporting software, advertisers can find the most efficient media while retaining full transparency and control over exposure frequency, economics and performance.

As a result, marketers will markedly improve operational efficiency through streamlined workflow in addition to potentially saving millions of dollars that would have otherwise been misallocated or entirely wasted. Marketers can also onboard their first-party CRM data into the cross-screen planning software to further amplify targeting.

The planning software was developed in response to the increasing fragmentation in devices and consumption methods over the last five years. Many current cross-screen solutions address only desktop and mobile, and fail to incorporate the channel that occupies the biggest portion of brand advertising budgets: television. TubeMogul's new planning technology was built specifically to not only directly supplement marketers' existing TV plans, but also provide them the flexibility to create digital-only plans as well. The tool will become a primary pillar of the TubeMogul platform and act as the foundation upon which future product offerings are built; ad formats encompassed within the software include desktop video, mobile, linear TV, addressable TV and video-on-demand (VOD) TV.

"Our new cross-screen planner is the natural progression of our mission to help marketers automate and simplify every facet of their brand advertising initiatives," said Brett Wilson, TubeMogul's CEO & co-founder. "By putting TV, which is still the centerpiece for many marketers' campaigns, at the software's core, we've built a solution that adds significant value to brand advertisers' most important medium."

"The industry has been talking about the synergies between TV and online video for years. Finally, we have a tool that brings this long-awaited vision to life," said Vic Walia, Senior Director, Brand Marketing, Expedia. "Gone are the days of stitching together online and offline plans months after a campaign actually ran – TubeMogul's planning tool empowers us to create TV extension plans in real time."

"Rather than touting out the cliché 'you're buying too much TV,' TubeMogul is taking a more constructive approach by taking a media plan as it is and then leveraging data to find unreached viewers across TV, tablets and smartphones. We're excited to leverage this product," said Eva Feger, Associate Communications Strategy Director, Generator Media.

"TubeMogul's cross-screen planner is promising because it takes the common refrain -- you're missing part of your audience with your TV buy -- and turns it into action, with a data-driven plan to build additional reach," said Steve Parker Jr., CEO & co-founder, Levelwing.

"The big challenge in the multi-screen world is understanding how your customers move between devices, and making sure you're speaking with them in a consistent way that minimizes waste," said Karel Wegert, Vice-President, Digital Media Systems, Media Experts. "This new cross-screen tool from TubeMogul promises to help identify hard to reach, high value audiences that might not watch TV, and delivers actionable insights that can help drive media efficiency."

"Taking a screen-agnostic approach in advertising is crucial in a world where viewership is so fragmented, but realizing that vision is often easier said than done," said Matt Cote, Vice President Video Innovation, Eicoff. "TubeMogul's cross-screen planner helps by starting where we do -- TV -- and builds a plan to reach additional viewers in an automated, data-driven way."

The cross-screen planner will initially be available to TubeMogul's U.S. clients. For more information, please contact or visit:

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