STERLING, VA--(Marketwired - November 09, 2015) - Custom manufacturers are dedicated to delivering top-of-the-line items that match clients' specifications down to the smallest detail. Quality is an essential component of custom manufacturing -- organizations won't seek specially-designed parts if they aren't convinced of the manufacturer's commitment to excellence.

So how can a custom manufacturer ensure those high standards are built into their processes? By leveraging an ERP platform to make quality as necessary to their operations as invoices and inventory.

ERP ties various tasks together to promote quality

When a custom manufacturer pledges to make superior products, how exactly does it intend to do that? Quality doesn't just happen -- it is the successful integration of a number of steps and resources:

  • Supplier management: Quality control starts with efficient tracking of the quality and timeliness of vendor preferences.
  • Inventory: Maintaining, tracking, and stocking the right inventory at the right time is critical to quality control success.
  • Workflow processes: Manufacturers and their employees need clearly defined processes in place to ensure consistency and quality.
  • Equipment: Machinery that fails or doesn't perform optimally must be identified and fixed before it has an impact on the finished product.
  • Testing: How do you quantify quality? Manufacturers must have testing procedures in place to measure their products and ensure they are up to the necessary standards through multiple process.
  • Predictive analysis: Knowing when certain failures occur, learning from mistakes, and constantly improving are essential to maintaining consistently high-performing products.

These aspects of the custom manufacturing process can all be managed with a high-performance ERP system. While a manufacturer could, conceivably, oversee each facet listed above separately, it would be difficult, confusing, error prone, and would lack the data integration that ERP brings.

Platforms such as abas ERP specialize in the unique ERP requirements for businesses in the custom manufacturing industry. For details on how abas ERP is tailored to the needs of custom manufacturers, see the article, Why Custom Manufacturers Choose abas ERP.

abas is an innovator of ERP solutions for mid-size businesses aspiring to be leaders in their industry. We use our 30+ years of experience to deliver exactly what our customers need -- software that is agile, intuitive, sustainable for the long term, and that works anywhere around the world.

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