SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 9, 2015) - Today at KubeCon,, the stealth company developing network and storage solutions for Linux containers, announced that it has been working with the Kubernetes open source community, contributing new capabilities for I/O resource scheduling to scale cloud-native applications.

Many cloud-native applications encounter scaling challenges requiring extensive customization of data tiers -- NoSQL and SQL databases, key-value and object stores, messaging and others. believes that cloud-native data tiers should just work -- they should be easy to deploy and scale without the guesswork and risk, while offering predictable performance and behavior.'s contributions to the Kubernetes ecosystem provide a vendor-agnostic means for developers to access fast, predictable data services on demand using their existing Docker images. Developers can describe network and storage requirements when building an application using the Kubernetes pod specification. The syntax and APIs are vendor-agnostic, enabling developers to work with the network and storage providers that deliver the best capabilities to meet their needs.'s contributions also enable administrators to access a standards-based platform that works the first time, every time for deploying cloud-native data tiers. As soon as the administrator is ready to deploy the application with Kubernetes, the Kubernetes scheduler invokes extensions, selecting the ideal location for each workload in the cluster. As Kubernetes deploys pods on individual nodes, the node-level extension is called for "last mile" configuration, ensuring the developer's network and storage requirements are met. All of this happens automatically without code changes, tweaking, or customizations.

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About is developing network and storage solutions for Linux containers to scale cloud-native applications. Developers get on-demand access to fast, predictable data services, and administrators get a standards-based data platform that works the first time, every time. The stealth company was founded by a team from successful startups and enterprise companies such as Cisco, Veritas, and VMware. The company is headquartered in San Jose, CA. For more information, go to:

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