TEMPE, AZ--(Marketwired - Nov 9, 2015) -  Life is imitating art in Shelbyville, Indiana, as a true "Back to the Future" project owned by SANTÉ Realty Investments (http://www.santerealty.com) is bringing an historic downtown development back to life.

Unlike the 30-year time lapse between 1955-1985 in the landmark film "Back To The Future," this renovation project will propel two buildings, constructed 125 years and 90 years ago, into today -- and an exciting future.

SANTÉ Realty Investments is the brainchild behind the redevelopment of a core Shelbyville Public Square property in the suburban Indianapolis community, having acquired nearly 41,000 square feet of high-profile, occupied, commercial and vacant space.

The project is both a renewal project for a revitalized commerce and entertainment district in Shelbyville, and an investment opportunity in the growing portfolio of properties owned and managed by Tempe, Arizona-based SANTÉ Realty Investments.

Renovation will occur in two phases. The first will include updating historical buildings, which were built between 1890 and 1925. The space is currently home to the Tour of Italy restaurant, a Bureau of Motor Vehicles office and other businesses. A second phase will involve creating residential space in nearly half of the property.

"We will be adding 30 modern, loft-style apartments above the ground floor of the existing commercial and retail spaces within our first year of ownership," explained Jim Small, managing director of SANTÉ Realty Investments.

The city of Shelbyville has launched a serious redevelopment initiative, and designated these properties as part of the assets eligible for backing both financially and with tax credits to bring new life to this once vibrant down town area.

SANTÉ Realty Investments:

  • Makes investments only in stable markets throughout the U.S., generating an average 10 percent annual return on investment.
  • Makes payments to investors every 30 days.
  • Conducts exhaustive due diligence and is skilled at efficient operations using local resources.

"This is another great example of the type of cash-flowing, revenue generating property that SANTÉ Realty Investments is acquiring in communities throughout the country," Small added.

For more information about this and other commercial investment opportunities with SANTÉ Realty Investments, visit: http://www.santerealty.com. Or call (480) 398-4954.

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