IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 9, 2015) - RAMOIL MANAGEMENT, LTD. (OTC PINK: RAMO) CEO, Jeremy Foti, detailed recent business developments, expanded on future company prospects, and revealed the company's new name in an interview last Friday. The new company name will be Advantis.

Foti was interviewed at the Ramoil office with the new Advantis logo in the background. When asked if there was any breaking news to announce, Foti was excited to say, "Our name change is finally going to take place. We have changed the name of the corporation to Advantis Corporation... immediately, our symbol (and name) will change on November 16th. We are very excited... with the efforts put forth to rebrand our old identity into Advantis Corporation."

Foti was asked what the next 18-36 months had in store. "The most important change we can bring to the Ramoil platform is turning to profitability," Foti explained, "I will definitely see us reaching profitability, continue to build on exactly what (we are working on) today, and we are heavily moving into the medical field... we have a lot of things coming in that particular industry." Foti went on to say, "In reference to the medical world, it's ground breaking technology that not many people have or have seen, so we are really excited about bringing that into our current business model."Foti mentioned entertainment as the other company focus, stating, "I would say those are the two primary things that we are focusing on."

Foti impressed upon developments that will further expand and diversify the company. "We are... moving into the entertainment world... that's something I've dabbled in in the past for quite some time, so we are looking to create a complete new division which is in the entertainment sector," Foti announced. "I think a lot of people will be pleased with the direction we're going with that and who it is that we will bring in that will be working with us. We have a few different people in mind and a few different companies and corporations that we are currently working with that will bring that to fruition."

The interviewer asked Foti to expand on Advantis' core business model. Foti went on to say, "We're looking to completely change our past business model and move into the medical world. We have several medical devices and machinery that we're looking to bring aboard in order to launch our medical division. We've had these products in the making for quite some time. The machinery isn't cheap, it's very, very expensive, so we are doing our due diligence to make sure we bring aboard the right machinery, the right people and the right sophistication that we need to be able to develop it and turn it into a true winner." Foti summarized his efforts, stating with confidence, "We're really going to roll up our sleeves and turn it into a very profitable division."

Foti was sure to acknowledge his right hand man, Vice President, Geoffrey Broderick. "Geoffrey's been a huge help in developing and getting Ramoil off of the ground. His resume basically speaks for itself; he's an attorney, he's an accomplished businessman, he's walked that life. He's really brought a lot of value to what it is we're doing and what we're trying to do, and he continues to impress me daily with everything he brings to the table. I'm very excited to have him by my side."

When asked if he would like to share anything with the shareholders, he said, "I would like to thank each and every one of them for being a shareholder and believing in where the company is going. At the end of the day it is my job as CEO to make it game changing for everybody, and that's what I'm setting out to do. If I can put in the extra mile and make it that much more beneficial for our current shareholders and future shareholders, that's my overall goal."

Outside of running the company, Foti is a devoted husband and father of four. He enjoys spending time with friends and family, and relishes the time he has to coach his sons' baseball teams.

The full "Meet the CEO" interview can be found here on You Tube or on their Facebook website.

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