NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Nov 9, 2015) - At the General Assembly of the 2015 JCI World Congress in Japan, AIESEC and JCI launched a partnership for youth, uniting efforts of both organizations. The collaboration will create more opportunities for the development of young people, enabling them to work towards creating sustainable impact in their communities across the world.

JCI and AIESEC have aligned visions of creating a more peaceful world and see the need to invest in young people as mobilizers of positive change. In September 2015 at the United Nations in New York City, global leaders adopted the Sustainable Development Goals. With the development of these goals, it is more important now than ever to transform the largest generation of young people into international advocates for change. JCI and AIESEC aim to activate youth around the world to create awareness of important issues, engage stakeholders to formulate solutions, and act upon them.

"With the newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals, it is now our opportunity to showcase how young people can take action towards advancing the 17 goals. The collaboration between JCI and AIESEC is our chance for young people to unite all sectors of society to create sustainable impact, and we look forward to what we will collectively accomplish by uniting forces." Ismail Haznedar, 2015 JCI President

The collaboration will enable young people to become global and active citizens through utilizing the JCI Active Citizen Framework to develop sustainable solutions to community needs and the AIESEC Global Internship Program, which aspires to send people abroad to create a cross-cultural and developmental experience. Other areas of collaboration include sharing of knowledge, connecting national and local offices to ensure on-the-ground impact and working together to become the united voice of youth through AIESEC's YouthSpeak Survey among others.

"A group of young people uniting efforts towards an extremely powerful purpose can change the course of the world for better. And that is what JCI and AIESEC are -- two great forces and movements creating impact locally, nationally and globally, with the same purpose. When the right ideas with the right people arrive, the impossible becomes possible," Ana Saldarriaga, President of AIESEC International.

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