REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 10, 2015) - Realiteer, an innovative virtual reality (VR) studio, announced today the release of Wizard Academy, the first mobile VR app featuring hand and body motion control. Wizard Academy is an immersive educational game that transports players to a magical 3D world where they can cast powerful spells and improve their memory in five unique experiences. The Wizard Academy app is now available on iOS and Android for $0.99.

"Virtual reality's potential is limitless. Realiteer focuses on creating exciting and accessible VR content that can be easily enjoyed and shared by friends and family," said Fangwei Lee, CEO and founder of Realiteer. "The launch of Wizard Academy demonstrates that interactive VR experiences can be low-cost and within reach of all age groups, from students to seniors. We are hopeful that users will find it extremely fun to play while learning useful skills in a VR environment."

Wizard Academy's Magical World
Wizard Academy offers its players five fun and challenging VR activities. Learning experiences include:

  • GermBuster Village: Help clean out germs that have infected the magic land.
  • Math: Speed up your algebra knowhow like never before.
  • Physics: Destroy the ice fortress, but you need to know some basic physics.
  • Spatial Memory: Find a way out of the maze before it's too late.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Use your telekinesis power to bring back order to a very messy room.

Wizard Academy's early access trailer can be viewed at: Realiteer encourages all users to like/follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share their Wizard Academy experiences with their friends by using #WizardAcademy.

System Requirements, Pricing
Realiteer apps Wizard Academy and GermBuster are the first mobile VR apps with motion-tracking input. To fully enjoy them, players need Realiteer's RealControl, a platform that turns any smartphone into a precise virtual reality input system. It is lightweight, wireless, non-electrical, and portable. RealControl is the first and only full-body mobile VR tracking system that offers up to 18 degrees of freedom. Users can look around, point, aim, walk, and even jump. RealControl VR Kit can be purchased for US$10 or DIYers can download the RealControl blueprint and build their own RealControl for FREE. 

Realiteer's Developer Program
Realiteer offers developers an unprecedented opportunity to build apps with mobile tracking input, a breakthrough platform and an industry first that enriches virtual reality's ecosystem and accessibility. Developers can soon enhance the input capacity of their apps and realize their visions for the myriad of user applications by incorporating hand and body motion tracking. Already, dozens have signed up to build upon Realiteer VR System. Interested developers can go to: to request Realiteer's SDK package.

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About Realiteer
Realiteer is an innovative mobile virtual reality studio and technology company. The company focuses on building virtual reality input solutions and software content. Anyone with a smartphone can enjoy a seamlessly integrated VR experience with its pioneering and low-cost RealControl VR Kit system and mobile applications including Wizard Academy and GermBuster, the first mobile VR apps using motion-tracking inputs. For more information about Wizard Academy and Realiteer's technology and apps, visit

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