WESTPORT, CT--(Marketwired - Nov 10, 2015) - R "Ray" Wang, the internationally recognized digital futurist, discusses how digital disruption is creating a new divide among employees and how machine learning and artificial intelligence hold promise to relieve job stress on the 10th edition of "Firing Line with Bill Kutik®."

Wang names and describes the technologies compromising "digital transformation and disruption:" social, mobile, cloud, big data and the Internet of Things, Wang tells Kutik.

"But the shift in digital business is really about business model change, thinking about how you operate differently, what your mission means and how you can deliver that differently as the pace changes and as the world is changing in terms of competitive environments," he adds.

For technology, he suggests looking at employees not by age or generation (Baby Boomer, Millennial, etc.) but by their "digital proficiency," creating and describing for the first time five categories of employees, where other commentators have not gone beyond two: digital native and digital immigrant.

"We are all overwhelmed. I mean you look at my Twitter stream. That's crazy. You look at what's going on in Facebook. People have those streams. If you work inside some organizations, all they have is streams coming at them -- emails, phone calls, text, everything in different channels," Wang tells Kutik. 

"The good news is what's on the horizon is machine learning and artificial intelligence. What that's doing is helping us bring things into a contextual light," Wang says. 

Machine learning and AI are helping "to streamline...information so that we can get the right information at the right time in the right mode, and, of course, the right security model shows up to you when you need it," he says.

Commenting on his interview with Wang, Bill Kutik, host and managing editor of "Firing Line with Bill Kutik®," said: "Ray Wang is one of a kind, and his insights give us a terrific window on how technology will advance and impact everyone's working life in coming years. The picture he paints of how the systems of tomorrow will help in the workplace is another example of the unique reporting and storytelling that we bring to our viewers with every episode."

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