TAMPA, FL and SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 10, 2015) - KiteDesk, the maker of smart sales prospecting software for sharp salespeople, today announced the availability of new features aimed directly at inside sales teams, including a Prospecting Toolbar, enhanced Call Recording features, and a new Insights Dashboard for tracking all lead generation activity.

"We serve the sales professionals who know that fanatical prospecting leads to results," said Sean Burke, CEO of KiteDesk. "But sales prospecting is hard -- even for vendors who sell prospecting software. We're doubling down on our core strategy at a time when others are withdrawing from the playing field." 

The KiteDesk Prospecting Toolbar is automatic, appearing in the user's browser when a search starts on professional social media sites. Then the prospector simply hits +Add All and an instant Lead List is created within KiteDesk, or pushed directly into a CRM such as Salesforce.

"Sales teams that regularly spend hours prospecting -- especially on social media sites -- just got a turbo-boost," said Burke. "We've engineered a better way to reduce the time and toil it takes to find the right prospect and engage effectively -- KiteDesk just put that goal within grasp."

Additionally, Search on the toolbar provides pinpoint accuracy within site search results. This means that sales prospectors can create and combine unique search parameters for startlingly precise results. The prospector can cross reference any pool of companies with exact Titles or Keywords. It's an Account-Based Sales strategy godsend -- available nowhere else.

The KiteDesk Dialer received a useful enhancement with the ability to record calls. This customer-requested feature provides the ability for Sales Managers to audit and coach reps and account executives on calls made. Calls can be stored easily -- even sent to CRM or emailed -- all in familiar audio formats for playback.

Finally, KiteDesk brings home true value for the prospecting team by enabling them to track all leads that originate through KiteDesk over any time period on its Insights Dashboard. It's the missing piece for lead generation management, allowing congruence between sales activities and management review. Tracking of all lead generation actions demonstrates the value of KiteDesk. 

"We have a unique and unwavering perspective on lead generation, which is the most important function within any sales organization," said Jared Rodriguez, KiteDesk CTO. "More than ever before, an integrated suite of prospecting tools can make each Sales Development Rep or Inside Sales Team member radically more productive -- which means more qualified leads, increased numbers of targeted demos and ultimately more sales for the business -- all of which can now be demonstrated through KiteDesk reporting."

About KiteDesk
KiteDesk provides smart sales prospecting software for growth organizations. As the first lead generation system to combine an on-demand Prospecting Toolbar, Chrome Extension, Web App and clickable Kite icons, we help salespeople dramatically decrease the amount of time spent generating qualified leads.

KiteDesk is a venture-backed, privately-held company headquartered in Tampa, with offices throughout the United States. To learn more, please visit www.KiteDesk.com or connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook or @KiteDesk.

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