Texas LNG Submits All Thirteen Draft Resource Reports to the FERC; Forges Technology Alliance Agreement With Honeywell

• Texas LNG achieves a major development milestone – all thirteen draft Resource Reports have been submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) as Texas LNG prepares its formal application to site, construct, and operate its proposed two-phase 4 million metric tonnes per annum (“MTA”) LNG export facility in Brownsville, Texas. • Engineering efforts progress as Texas LNG executes Master Framework Alliance Agreement with Honeywell to provide advanced gas pretreatment and automation & controls solutions. • First LNG shipments remain on schedule for 2020.

Houston, Texas, UNITED STATES

Houston, Nov. 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Houston, Texas, November 11, 2015 – Texas LNG Brownsville LLC (“Texas LNG”) is pleased to announce that it has submitted all thirteen draft Resource Reports to the FERC, a key accomplishment in the mandatory US Government regulatory approval process.  Completion of this milestone places Texas LNG within a select group of US LNG export projects and demonstrates steady progress towards Final Investment Decision (“FID”).

In addition, Honeywell has entered into a Master Framework Alliance Agreement with Texas LNG to provide state of the art technology solutions in gas pre-treatment and automation & controls.

Submission of Draft Resource Reports to the FERC

The thirteen draft Resource Reports cover a wide range of environmental, engineering, reliability, and safety aspects of the proposed Texas LNG Project and represent the culmination of over 200,000 man-hours of effort by Texas LNG and its technical, environmental and legal advisers. 

Following review of the draft documents and a series of expected information requests from FERC, Texas LNG anticipates grant of filing status to Texas LNG and submission of its formal application in early 2016. Submission of the draft Resource Reports is an important milestone in Texas LNG’s plan to receive the permits and approvals to commence construction of its LNG export facility in 1H 2017.  Texas LNG remains on track to delivering first shipments of LNG in 2020.

Submitted Draft Resource Reports include:

Resource Report 1 - General Project Description

Resource Report 2 - Water Use and Quality

Resource Report 3 - Fish, Wildlife, and Vegetation

Resource Report 4 - Cultural Resources

Resource Report 5 - Socioeconomics

Resource Report 6 - Geological Resources

Resource Report 7 - Soils

Resource Report 8 - Land Use, Recreation and Aesthetics

Resource Report 9 - Air and Noise Quality

Resource Report 10 - Alternatives

Resource Report 11 - Reliability and Safety

Resource Report 12 - PCB Contamination

Resource Report 13 - Engineering and Design Material

The draft Resource Reports can be downloaded from the FERC website (docket PF15-14) or from Texas LNG’s website ( http://www.txlng.com/theproject/regulatory-updates.html)

Honeywell Master Framework Alliance Agreement

Texas LNG has executed a Master Framework Alliance Agreement with Honeywell to provide gas pre-treatment and automation & control technology. Texas LNG will use Honeywell UOP’s Amine Guard™ FS process to reduce acid gas to very low levels and its proprietary adsorbents to remove water, mercury and sulfur from the natural gas, which is necessary for natural gas liquefaction and LNG transport.

Honeywell also will serve as the integrated main automation & controls contractor. In this role, Honeywell is responsible for designing and delivering (with installation support), the automation, instrumentation, process and safety controls, telecommunications and security, production management systems, and advanced planning and scheduling applications. Honeywell also is assisting Texas LNG with its front end engineering and design (“FEED”) which is a key input in Texas LNG’s FERC application. 

Honeywell joins the growing Texas LNG team which includes leading financial, technical, environmental and legal partners including BNP Paribas, Third Point LLC, Samsung Engineering, Air Products, Braemar Engineering, NRG, PSI, K&L Gates, GreenbergTraurig, Royston Rayzor, and others.

About Texas LNG

Texas LNG Brownsville LLC is an independent, Houston-based energy company engaged in LNG-related businesses. Key members of its management and technical team have extensive LNG, gas and large engineering and construction global project experience, as well as long-term relationships in LNG markets. The company is focused on low unit costs, speed to market, LNG offtake flexibility, efficient use of capital, robust technical solutions, and is well positioned to commence Phase 1 production of 2 MTA of LNG (out of a total permitted capacity of 4 MTA) for export to FTA and non-FTA markets in 2020.

Texas LNG’s initial project will be constructed at the Port of Brownsville in south Texas. Texas LNG’s 625-acre site is strategically located on the north shore of the Port of Brownsville's deepwater ship channel in proximity to natural gas supplies.  Additional information about Texas LNG may be found on its website at www.txlng.com.

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