PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - Nov 12, 2015) - iovation, the provider of device intelligence for authentication and fraud prevention, today announced that it will host a webinar on November 17 at 10am PST entitled, "Frictionless Authentication Anywhere and Everywhere." In the webinar, iovation's Senior Product Manager Jon Speer will tackle how companies can help remote workers, partners and vendors easily and securely access corporate resources by utilizing device-based authentication.

"More and more companies are using the cloud to host sensitive data and allow users to access that data from unmanaged devices," said Speer. "Traditional strong enterprise authentication methods like PKI and hardware tokens are not practical or effective for devices not owned or controlled by the enterprise, while passwords alone are insufficient as a security access control. Device-based authentication can provide powerful, frictionless authentication for remote enterprise workers just like it aids online businesses in verifying their Internet customers."

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Why companies enabling partners, vendors and BYOD (bring your own device) employees access to sensitive data should leverage the same device risk context that consumer-facing businesses are using to combat account takeover and fraud.
  • How to implement strong two-factor authentication methods while giving employees, partners and vendors a frictionless and non-intrusive user experience.
  • About the power of iovation's consortium of fraud managers who exchange device intelligence. Hundreds of companies have shared intelligence with iovation about the behavior of billions of devices.

Some of the world's biggest companies leverage iovation's authentication service to validate customers at login. It verifies whether a customer who just entered their password to log in to their online account is using an authorized device -- such as a laptop or mobile phone. Simultaneous checks are run by iovation to look for risk indicators such as device impersonation, identification evasion or behavioral anomalies. Devices recognized as authorized and low risk gain access transparently, eliminating friction for good users. High-friction traditional second factor methods can still be used for authorizing new or unauthorized devices.

Register at brighttalk.com/webcast/13449/174435 to attend the upcoming webinar.

About iovation
iovation protects online businesses and their end users against fraud and abuse, and identifies trustworthy customers through a combination of advanced device identification, shared device reputation, device-based authentication and real-time risk evaluation. More than 3,000 fraud managers representing global retail, financial services, insurance, social network, gaming and other companies leverage iovation's database of billions of Internet devices and the relationships between them to determine the level of risk associated with online transactions. The company's device reputation database is the world's largest, used to protect 12 million transactions and stop an average of 250,000 fraudulent activities every day. The world's foremost fraud experts share intelligence, cybercrime tips and online fraud prevention techniques in iovation's Fraud Force Community, an exclusive virtual crime-fighting network. For more information, visit iovation.com.

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