CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Nov 12, 2015) - DialogTech, the provider of the only end-to-end call attribution and conversion platform for data-driven marketers, today announced the release of industry-leading technology called SpamSentry. Part of the DialogTech Voice360™ platform, SpamSentry is an adaptive, machine-learning application that stops fraudulent and unwanted calls before they reach a company's sales team, and prevents spam call data from appearing in the analytics that marketers depend on to measure the performance of mobile marketing campaigns.

Spam Calls: A Growing Problem for Marketers

  • The rise of mobile marketing has caused a corresponding explosion in the number of consumers connecting with brands via phone calls, as it is often the most natural conversion path on a smartphone. In fact, calls from mobile channels in the U.S. are expected to more than double to 162 billion by 2019, according to leading research firm BIA/Kelsey.

  • To measure the effectiveness of their mobile marketing campaigns, marketers use unique phone numbers to track and analyze the inbound phone calls generated by mobile searches, ads and websites. When spammers and robodialers call these numbers, it pollutes the attribution data marketers depend on to understand campaign performance and creates havoc for sales teams receiving marketing-driven phone calls.

  • Spam calls are a growing and ever-changing problem that attack in multiple forms: political calls, fake cruise line promotions, credit card phishing and many others. For many businesses, this represents a significant percentage of their inbound phone calls. In fact, DialogTech's early adopters are seeing on average 26 percent of their overall call volume identified and blocked as unwanted spam.

News Facts: DialogTech's SpamSentry Technology

  • DialogTech's patent-pending SpamSentry platform is the only solution in the call tracking industry that utilizes adaptive, machine-learning technology -- a critical feature -- as the form and format of call spam continues to rapidly evolve.

  • Utilizing artificial neural networks, SpamSentry can self-identify multiple variants of spam. It has been trained to recognize and immediately prevent the calls from reaching a business' call center, office and other locations.

  • DialogTech's SpamSentry has already successfully blocked millions of spam calls on behalf of its early adopter customers, and has achieved a 99.4 percent efficacy rate in identifying and blocking spam calls.

  • Developed using proprietary, patent-pending technology, SpamSentry is part of DialogTech's industry-leading number cleansing platform and does not require third-party integrations or partnerships with other vendors to operate.

  • Key features include:
    • Artificial Neural Networks - Industry-leading functionality that allows DialogTech to train SpamSentry to self-identify spam calls resembling those that have previously been recognized and block those calls from reaching a business.
    • Adaptable to New Spam - As new types of spam are discovered, DialogTech continues to teach and grow SpamSentry to identify and block them. This allows DialogTech to aggressively block spammers in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.
    • Keypress Technology - Once spam has been identified, an interactive voice response (IVR) prompt is triggered which requires a keypress from the caller before connecting the call. This ensures spam calls are blocked, but any legitimate caller is still connected with the business.

  • Available today, this new feature is free of charge to all DialogTech customers.


  • "DialogTech's new SpamSentry technology has reduced my clients' spam calls to almost zero," said Branden Stanley, Director of Paid Search at PMP Marketing Group. "Previously, my clients received spam calls on a daily basis. After implementing DialogTech's SpamSentry, my clients receive one-two spam calls per week. SpamSentry has filtered out 99 percent of my spam calls, and with political season around the corner, I'm confident my phone call data will be accurate."

  • "Spam calls are a major nuisance. They annoy our customers and waste their sales people's valuable time. More importantly, spam calls lead to data misattribution of our customers' marketing programs," said Steve Dimmitt, SVP, sales and customer experience at DialogTech. "We developed SpamSentry to provide our customers with peace of mind so they can focus on running their business and invest confidently in marketing programs that drive inbound phone calls."

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