ANNAPOLIS, MD--(Marketwired - Nov 12, 2015) - According to plastic surgeon Marcia V. Ormsby, MD, an abdominoplasty can have a number of surprising benefits in addition to removing excess fat from around the waistline. Also known as a tummy tuck, an abdominoplasty can help you achieve a tightened, toned, and slimmer silhouette. In addition, once this excess weight is removed, Dr. Ormsby says many of her patients have also experienced improvement in their posture, reduced or eliminated back pain, and an improved ability to exercise.

Dr. Ormsby notes that women, in particular, can benefit from tummy tuck surgery, since they typically store extra fat in the abdomen for gestation or lactation. Also, a woman's stomach muscles may be stretched during pregnancy and childbirth to a degree beyond the capabilities of the body's natural healing processes. With an abdominoplasty, Dr. Ormsby is able to remove excess fat, tighten loose abdominal muscles, and remove any excess skin for a flatter, firmer stomach. In some cases, the Annapolis plastic surgeon may also use liposuction to further sculpt or enhance the natural contours of the body. Additionally, scarring from previous abdominal surgery can be vastly improved -- if not removed entirely -- which can be seen in the before and after photos included.

Although abdominoplasty is not typically covered by health insurance, Dr. Ormsby states that in some cases, a tear in the rectus muscle (which can support the anterior surface of the abdomen) may lead to a hernia when left untreated. In these cases, Dr. Ormsby says that patients undergoing abdominoplasty may have the hernia portion of the operation covered by their insurance.

Dr. Ormsby highlights that ideal candidates for abdominoplasty are already at or near their ideal weight. She reminds patients that tummy tuck surgery is not intended to achieve dramatic weight loss, but is meant to address areas of isolated fat deposits or excess skin that have proven resistant to diet and exercise efforts. Dr. Ormsby assures her abdominoplasty patients that this surgery should never need to be repeated as long as they maintain a healthy lifestyle. After abdominoplasty, Dr. Ormsby says her patients have enjoyed a slimmer figure while also increasing their ability to exercise due to decreased back pain and a newly realigned abdominal musculature.

About Marcia V. Ormsby, MD

A Pre-Medicine student of the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Ormsby earned her medical degree from the University of Massachusetts before continuing on to the State University of New York to study general surgery. She later completed additional specialty surgical training at New York Hospital, Cornell Medical Center, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. A published writer, speaker, artist, and an active part of the women's health community, Dr. Ormsby frequently acts as a lobbyist. She also serves as an active member of several medical organizations, including the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, the Maryland Plastic Surgery Society, and the American Medical Women's Association. She is available for consultation upon request.

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