NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwired - November 12, 2015) - In today's ever changing world, the customer experience is everything to successful businesses. The speed and efficiency at which businesses can address the needs and wants of their customers each day will determine the long term success for the company. Every customer wants to feel like they are incredibly important, regardless of the size of their need, so it is crucial to have infrastructure in place that will allow a great service to be provided at every point of contact along the way. With teams located in different locations it is also imperative to have a solution that will allow teams to collaborate in the most effective way possible to resolve customer needs.

Enter Kaiser Permanente, America's leading nonprofit integrated health plan provider. Kaiser enlisted the help of SSB to create a solution that would improve their overall customer experience by allowing cross functional teams to collaborate more efficiently. Working together with SSB, the Customer Experience Portal (CEP) was created. The CEP was designed to help Kaiser Permanente consolidate customer data records and incidents from disparate systems into a central repository to provide a single customer relationship record. The creation of user friendly reports and views enabled data-driven decision making at all levels from the front line to the executive level. CEP also includes a work tracking tool that allows rapid collaboration and prioritization across 50-plus departments and over 800 employees.

The results of this venture between Kaiser Permanente and SSB have been nothing short of amazing. In 2014, by reducing the average handling time for an issue by an average of 35 minutes, CEP will save 8000 to 10,000 full time employee (FTE) hours. At roughly $50 per hour the potential annual saving CEP will deliver is between $400,000 and $500,000. On top of that, CEP also helped reduce the average age of claim times from 100 days to 7 days, drastically improving communication across departments, and the average amount of touches per claim dropped from 20 per department to just 4 total.

The Customer Experience Portal has allowed Kaiser Permanente to provide the best service possible to their customers each and every day. The user friendly reports and ability to collaborate across teams efficiently grants Kaiser the ability to respond to customer needs in a quick and timely fashion. This portal has been a huge success for Kaiser Permanente, and SSB is thrilled to be partnered with such an outstanding company.


"By using tools such as SharePoint and SQL Server and by partnering with SSB, we've gained critical insights and made substantial gains in being able to monitor, manage, and improve the customer experience."

--Tania Zeigler, Kaiser Permanente

"SSB is excited to be a part of Kaiser Permanente's focus on delivering a superior product to customers. By transforming the business process through the use of technology, SSB has established the means for KP to be proactive in meeting their customers' expectations."

-- Kurt Backes, SSB

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