New ReallyMake Pottery Smartphone App Launches a Virtual Pottery Wheel That Allows Anyone to Create Ceramic/Clay Artwork and Have It Printed on a 3D Printer or Created by a Real World Potter

Unlike Other Pottery Apps That Are Just Fun Games, the Purpose of ReallyMake Pottery App Is to Connect Creative Artists With Pottery Auctions, Clubs, Galleries, Guilds and Stores to Buy and Sell Clay Artwork

DETROIT, MI--(Marketwired - Nov 16, 2015) - ReallyMake™ (, a powerful pottery-making app for smartphones, announced today that it has rolled out a highly advanced virtual potter's wheel that will allow kids, adults and anyone with a creative genius to create clay, ceramics, earthenware, porcelain and stoneware works of art. The FREE pottery app can be downloaded now at

Artists will be able to fabricate many different pottery shapes such as vases, cups, bowls, etc. with nine different colors of clay and a portfolio of "virtual" shaping techniques typically used on a potter's wheel. Once shaped, the pottery may be decorated and glazed using paint eight colors, personal stamps, and patterns. After designers are finished, they can store the earthenware and view it in their personal community "Art Gallery."

Click on the YouTube videos below to see how the ReallyMake Pottery App works:

1. Selecting clay color and begin preparing the spinning clay:

2. Painting, erasing and adding personal stamps to clay:

3. Tilting 3D clay artwork to examine the artwork's full surface area:

4. Adding the clay artwork to a private community art gallery: 

5. Previewing the new art on a future shelf in "Augmented Reality":

The ReallyMake Pottery App is engineered to let people have fun creating, shaping, and painting their own pottery via a handy and very convenient smartphone app just like spinning clay on a real pottery wheel. The entertaining app allows customers to play with and mold clay on airplanes, trains, in doctor offices, kitchen tables, living rooms or anywhere that people would enjoy making good use of their down time to be creative and spin some clay and ceramic works of art.

Unlike other popular pottery apps such as "Let's Create! Pottery," which is only a game, the ReallyMake™ pottery app is actually a commercial interactive art program that allows creators to create their own art collection and store it in an online community, ceramic art gallery where more than 1.6 billion android phone users can view it worldwide. Once posted, artists can buy or sell their works of art via a wide variety of thousands of online auctions, clubs, galleries, guilds and retail pottery stores that the new app will make possible. 

Once the artist is finished and/or a customer has purchased the pottery design, the customer can download the design and send it to be printed at any of the listed local 3D printing facilities. The customer's artwork model can also be sent to any participating artist, guild member or pottery studio where a professional artist, for a fee, will bring the clay, ceramic, earthenware, porcelain, and/or stoneware work of art to life and then drop ship it to the customer's address using postal mail, FedEx or UPS.

If the buyer is not sure about whether or not the piece of art will blend in well in their gallery, office, or home environment, they can use the app's "Augmented Reality" feature to place the artwork on the buyer's table, shelf, fireplace mantle, book case or end table to preview how it will look in its future home to be sure that the piece is a perfect fit prior to making a purchase.

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