LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 18, 2015) - Publishers can now expand their native ad product portfolio, deliver greater value to advertisers, and provide richer digital experiences for their consumers with a new set of storytelling tools from Nativo, the leading native advertising platform. Nativo's Next Generation Storytelling Tools now offer publishers the most comprehensive portfolio of native ad solutions that deepen the proven notion of true native advertising at scale. Nativo's new product innovations include: Native Video, Native Slideshow, and Native Collection. The expanded offering enables publishers to more efficiently and effectively monetize native, allowing advertisers to drive deep engagement with content that matches the publisher's editorial experience.

"We are focused on creating the most advanced technologies for publishers to automate, scale, and measure next generation digital ad formats," said Nativo CEO Justin Choi. "These storytelling tools for publishers further exemplify Nativo's commitment to developing solutions that enhance monetization opportunities for publishers, provide better results for advertisers, and deliver a user experience that respects the consumer."

In addition to popular solutions like the Native Article, Nativo's expanded ad product toolset includes three new creative executions:

  • Native Video: fully customizable in-feed video placements that seamlessly mirror the publisher editorial environment with support for in-line and expandable executions. Publishers suffer from a paucity of video inventory, arguably their highest value inventory after native. With Native Video, publishers can now activate video within any placement or page type across their digital properties. For advertisers, any native video creative shared across social platforms uniquely clicks back to the source publisher rather than driving users to YouTube, providing the most authentic user path and experience.
  • Native Slideshow: a fully integrated gallery experience that allows brands to deploy robust image-based creatives to tell visually captivating stories. Built on the popular practice of leveraging image galleries to tell stories, Native Slideshow closely aligns to a familiar user experience and allows publishers to offer a fully immersive experience aligned with how users are accustomed to consuming image-based editorial content. Native Slideshow is a fully responsive product and adapts to cross-device consumption.
  • Native Collection: a premium experience that fuses multiple native ad executions into one elegant, high-impact native execution. Built to enable 100% brand share of voice and the unique flexibility to combine multiple native ad types into one single creative execution, Native Collection transforms a publisher's true native offering far beyond standard in-feed content promotion. By grouping fully customizable native ad types into one harmoniously streamlined ad package, publishers can deliver richer, highly impactful branded content experiences to consumers while preserving the integrity and continuity of their editorial stream.

Together, these digital ad innovations further enhance the effectiveness of Nativo's publisher toolset for monetization, brand storytelling capabilities, and driving the most authentic consumer engagement with content.

"This is the future of content advertising," said Jada Graves, Managing Editor of BrandFuse, U.S. News & World Report's custom content studio. "We look forward to utilizing these exciting new products as our native advertising business expands. Helping our advertisers push the boundaries of the engagement web while enhancing our consumer experience is a fun challenge that Nativo continues to help us navigate."

This story first appeared in AdExchanger.

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