OVERLAND PARK, KS--(Marketwired - Nov 18, 2015) - Gartner has published an overview of Network Security Policy Management (NSPM) technologies designed to improve manageability and overall security. They name FireMon Security Manager as a representative solution vendor in the space. The full report is available for download from FireMon.

According to Gartner analysts Adam Hils and Rajpreet Kaur, "As networks grow, applying the right security policies at the right network control points is challenging," and "network security policy management (NSPM) solutions can provide visibility across the dynamic network, and can make policy provisioning easier."

Firewall policy management is a core capability of these technologies, however NSPMs contain more functionality than management consoles provided by firewall vendors. NSPMs provide a common platform for multiple products and vendors, are capable of automated change analysis, auditing and compliance, firewall migration, network mapping and security risk and vulnerability analysis.

"The Gartner report brings to the forefront what our customers have experienced firsthand with FireMon's policy management solutions," said Matt Dean, Vice President of Product Management for FireMon. "The Security Manager platform has consistently reduced complexity and improved manageability of our customers' complex networks. And as those networks continue to evolve, so will the capabilities of our products."

Listed as a representative NSPM technology, FireMon has positioned Security Manager to meet three out of four components of NSPM tools defined by Gartner which are tightly integrated with each other.

  • Security Policy Management - including streamlining and optimizing policies and migrating to modern platforms without downtime
  • Change Management System - including change impact scoring and automated change workflows
  • Risk and Vulnerability Analysis - including the ability to create virtual network maps and visualize network connections and analyze traffic flow

Founded in 2004, FireMon was the first NSPM product to market. Initially designed for firewall policy management, the FireMon Security Manager suite of products has expanded to provide a security management platform designed to increase risk visibility for network management teams, while improving the efficiency of security teams responsible for access to critical business systems. FireMon recently released version 8.0 of its Security Manager suite of products to deliver enhanced analysis, workflow and reporting capabilities.

Gartner's full report, "Network Security Policy Management Solutions Have Evolved," is available to download from the FireMon website. Interested organizations can also request a free trial of FireMon Security Manager.

Gartner, Network Security Policy Management Solutions Have Evolved, Adam Hils, Rajpreet Kaur, 30 October 2015

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