NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Nov 19, 2015) - 7Park Data, a leading provider of consumer behavior data intelligence products, today unveiled a new interactive dashboard for its App Intelligence product that enables businesses to easily create and save custom consumer behavior reports on-the-fly. With an intuitive user interface, the new dashboard complements 7Park Data's existing API, reporting, and insights products, and adds the unique ability to track user retention over time; visualize install penetration and engagement; and create user cohort groups by install date, region, demographics, and more.

The dashboard provides businesses with invaluable consumer behavior that can aid in situational analysis of apps in different categories, regions, and periods of time. Powered by the largest global panel of mobile device users, 7Park Data App Intelligence enables businesses to:

  • Use real user data to understand and showcase app performance. User acquisition, retention, and engagement are powerful data-driven indicators of app performance in a way that other indicators like app downloads, media coverage, and social media impressions are not.
  • Prepare mobile apps for a more successful launch. With an inside view into how users actually adopt and engage with competitive apps across regions and cohorts over time, product and marketing teams can better position app launches for success.
  • Identify and connect with target demographics. Create unique user cohorts -- such as age, region, install date and more -- to refine target markets and build the apps, features, and campaigns that resonate.
  • Determine which apps are worth building -- or worth buying. Use timely market and user data to unearth the opportunities with the most promise and significant impact.

"While there is a wealth of internal data that businesses use to understand how their own apps are performing, businesses struggle to understand how users engage with other apps -- namely, their competitors and partners," said Brian Lichtenberger, cofounder of 7Park Data. "App Intelligence offers a granular and independent view into how users are interacting with tens of thousands of mobile apps around the world. The new dashboard takes powerful App Intelligence data and delivers it in a visually compelling way that customers across multiple business units can easily leverage and understand."

In August, 7Park Data announced its Series A funding and a new Traffic Intelligence product that offers businesses unprecedented, real-time visibility into web and mobile internet traffic.

7Park Data App Intelligence is available immediately. Customers can visit to learn more.

About 7Park Data
7Park Data provides data intelligence to businesses around the world, powered by the largest and most accurate portfolio of behavioral data. The company combines anonymous mobile, web, and purchasing data -- collected in real-time from millions of users from 75 countries under permission-based privacy policies -- with in-house expert analysis to offer businesses unprecedented clarity into marketplace trends, evolving customer preferences, and investment opportunities. 7Park Data's industry-leading data intelligence products: App Intelligence, Merchant Intelligence, Product Intelligence, Traffic Intelligence, and Web Intelligence, report on vital performance measures with unparalleled granularity and scale, including activity within mobile apps and games; mobile and desktop web traffic; online and in-store consumer spending; and more. Data-driven businesses depend on 7Park Data intelligence for more accurate benchmarking, forecasting, and strategic decision-making. 7Park Data was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in New York City. For more information, please visit

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