COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO--(Marketwired - Nov. 18, 2015) -

I am pleased to have attended the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Foundation Board Meeting in Colorado Springs as Canada's representative. After a full agenda of updates and thought-filled discussions among all the Board members, I remain convinced of the critical role that WADA plays in promoting and reinforcing a level playing field for all athletes through drug-free sport. While there continues to be a persistent need for vigilance, the delegates have a great deal of confidence in WADA and its efforts to work with all stakeholders to address issues swiftly and firmly.

I am also very proud of the leadership role that Canada continues to play in the pursuit of drug-free sport, both internationally and at home. Through the hosting of the World Anti-Doping Agency headquarters in Montréal, our ongoing support for the Canadian Anti-Doping Program, strong Canadian voices within WADA including Richard Pound, Richard H. McLaren, Abby Hoffman and Olympic Champion Beckie Scott, and the engagement of all the sport partners across our country's sport system, Canada remains committed and actively involved in ensuring that all athletes compete fairly and on a level playing field.

As a past Paralympian and now as the Minister for Sport and Persons with Disabilities, I have a unique perspective that I will continue to bring to the ongoing discussion on how each member of Canada's sport community-athletes, parents, coaches, medical staff, administrators and so on-can continue to protect the interests of clean athletes and the integrity of sport.

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