ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Nov 19, 2015) - It's hard to find clothing that fits when you're at the store, but it's almost impossible to find clothes that fit when you're shopping online. In fact, fit issues are the number one reason online apparel purchases are returned. This is a very expensive problem for retailers, not only due to lost sales, but also due to handling charges, warehouse fees and the difficulty of reselling returned items. The process of shopping for clothing online is essentially broken. But imagine a world where you know the clothes you buy online will fit perfectly every time. Today, just in time to ease holiday shopping woes, Fittery is launching a whole new way to shop: the only ecommerce marketplace destination that matches shoppers to clothing that really fits through its proprietary "FitMatch" approach. It not only makes it easier to shop online, but it also reduces the hassle of in-store shopping -- no more dressing rooms.

Fittery is starting with the category of men's shirts and then swiftly broadening to cover other categories, including women. Fittery currently offers apparel from a wide selection of popular brands, including Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, Bonobos, Macy's, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Fittery is simple to use. A shopper simply inputs some basic information about their body and fit preferences. Based on that information and the database of measurements for all the brands and products that Fittery offers, the algorithm serves up an array of personalized options, rated by how well they will fit the body. Unlike other cumbersome online fit solutions, there are no avatars or webcams required. 

The key to finding clothing that fits the way a consumer prefers it to is by comparing fit across brands. Because Fittery is a marketplace site, it scans a wide selection of brands to match consumers to the best-fitting clothes. 

"Online shopping has become a game of returns and reordering. Because sizing differs so much between brands, there really is no consistency and it is hard to find the right size without spending tons of time in dressing rooms," said Catherine Iger, co-founder, Fittery. "At Fittery, we offer a smarter way to shop. We remove the uncertainty. With our FitMatch, we use a shopper's body information and fit preferences in combination with the measurements of the product to offer clothing that fits so shoppers won't have to return items. In fact, if the clothes fit, the shopper will typically buy more. Retailers can enjoy a reduction in returns, as well as new loyal customers, because fit is the number one driver of brand loyalty. It's a win for everyone."

Fittery's 'FitMatch' service is free to consumers. The prices, including all discounts, are the same as what is offered on the brands' own sites. Rather than charging users, Fittery generates revenue via data products, commission per sale and through advertising.

For the holiday season, Fittery is ensuring that you never have to worry about whether or not your gifts will fit. Through the site, the gift giver can send a request to get the recipient's size profile, or the receiver can send a message to his friends and family to let them know that there's a place to go to buy him a gift that will fit perfectly. 

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Fittery is on a mission to help both consumers and retailers. Fittery is the only ecommerce marketplace destination that matches shoppers to clothing that really fits, using a unique 'FitMatch' algorithm and offering a broad range of brands, prices and styles. With Fittery's technology, shoppers will instantly know what clothes fit best and will be more likely to make a purchase and far less likely to return the purchase. By reducing returns, retailers will have happier, repeatable customers, which will lead to better sales. For more information, visit

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